TRUE MAP OF GRAND CAYMAN: This is an accurate and useful map of the largst island, Grand Cayman, which is the most populated of the 3 sister islands. It is 20 miles long and varies from 4-7 miles wide as the crow flies spreading over 76 sq miles. Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are all located south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica.
We've had a great times improving our skills as PADI Certified Rescue Divers and PADI Certified Underwater Photographers. It's like a dream gliding through the wonderfully clear waters. Special locations include Sting Ray City where we've taken lots of video feeding the rays and The North Wall for amazing corals. Cayman Brac and of course Little Cayman, the last two of the sister islands are an absolutely paradise lost and hidden away from the beaten path. A place we'd go diving anytime.

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