Volunteer Service This web site wall started Feb. 28, 2005

Laurence Cherniak 

First, is teaching all our young children how to paint RAINBOWS.

Absolutely nothing has given me more satisfaction and taught me what love is, than giving time to inspire those who would like to experience awakening the spirit of their soul. When we help our young children, to be in touch with that inner part of themselves, at an early age, to do something that many of them, at first glance, feel is difficult (painting that first rainbow); knowing they can do that, inspires them for the rest of their lives. I am more thankful, when I see this, than anything else that I have lived for.

Subsequent rainbows that the children paint brings them along tremendously. Painting rainbows gives them continued self esteem and a sense of being able to do anything their little hearts desire. The tenderness of encouragement is what we must all give to each other. Encouragement is what makes life worthwhile. Do this dear viistor, then no matter where or when you and I meet, we will recognize each other; we will be speaking the same language, love.

Future contributions to these pages will be coming along, Giving community service, in a respectful way, always rewards me with learning more about what love is.

My sincerest thanks to those in the beginning of the following list, for offering me the chance to help; teaching me how to give and how I can strive, on my own or in harmony with others, to make a difference for the better.

American Actor's Equity Association & Canadian Actor's Equity Association (Mr. Larry McCance RIP), Actor's Equity Library Theatre*, The Toronto Arts Awards Foundation, The Heart and Stroke Foundation* Imperial Daughters of the Empire, and other charities*, Camp Northland*, Toronto Postcard Club*, Maui Community Theatre*, Maui Youth Theatre (Linda Takita)*, The Aloha State of Hawaii*, Seabury Hall Secondary School Theatre Department, Makawao, Maui*, Pukalani Public School, Maui*, Many students (of all ages) * my children *, and family * who I love with all my heart *. These are some of the things which has made my life worthwhile - sharing rainbows.

* Links that will be published to the internet in the not too distant future.