ART WORK in PROGRESS, for a poster to celebrate
(not celibate) the 2005, 18th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, Nederland.

LAURENCE CHERNIAK ART WORK (work in progress) Started Nov. 14th, 2005 - To be completed TBA. Thanks to many people for the inspiration. (This image came out of two very nice meetings that I attended this week in Utrecht and Rotterdam. It is always a special moment, when encouraged to undertake another art work ritual in Nederland.

2005 ART WORK:
This marijuana meditation poster is devoted to a very special family of people who love the Cannabis Cup.
Approximately 24 inches wide by 36 inches high., to promote tenderness to
LOVERS of the CANNABIS CUP Everywhere.

Note: This image is 1/6 the actual size so it is difficult to see any of its text on the internet.

Would you or someone you know like to join SENSI SEEDS,  JACK HERER, OMEGA GARDEN, JOHN CONROY, DAMPKRING CAFE, HEMPHOODLAMB, GROBOTS, and others as a sponsor of this image encouraging LOVERS of the CANNNABIS CUP Everywhere? Please send us an e-mail. It will be printed and available by after the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. After the Cannabis Cup 2005, it will be available all over the world.
See rates at bottom of this page.
Fun Art Work with POT leaves and MEDITATION. Suggested retail price Euros 7.5 each

PAYMENT RATES and BENEFITS for having your logo on this poster.
2.5 centimetre logo = Cost is 100 Euros for each time, up to 4 times on this poster. Gets you 6 free posters per each time.
2 centimetre logo = Cost is 75 Euros for each time, up to 5 times on this poster. Gets you 5 free posters per each time.
1.5 centimetre logo = Cost is 50 Euros for each time, up to 6 times on this poster. Gets you 4 free posters per each time.
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