Rare and Unusual Photo-Journalism
 This wall started June 13, 2007.
career as a
photojournalist began in
2nd half of the 1960's
WebPage 3. of this 1st episode dedicated to the in-crowd.

This HAPPY WALL begins with photos taken in April, 2007. They are being published, in Book FOUR of THE GREAT BOOKS of HASHISH and excerpted in the pages of international magazines and other publications starting with SpannabisMagazine which is one of Spain's best known, respected and loved magazines. Directly below is the first of Mr. CHERNIAK's contributions as SpannabisMagazine's International Correspondent. This story is entitled "HASHISH FLOURISHES in JAMAICA"
The above image is the first of three consecutive front covers introducing LAURENCE CHERNIAK to the
readers of SpannabisMagazine's as its 1st International Correspondent (Corresponsal Iinternacional), SpannabisMagazine is also the producer of Spain's two largest annual Marihuana and Cannabis
tradeshows which take place in Madrid and Barcelona. This episode is also the first of 12 consecutive episodes featuring photo-journalism in Jamaica. These 3 episodes are entitled. "LOVE FOR EVERYBODY"
The above image is one half of the two page spread, which begins this first episode. The two halves of this photo appear as one photo below.
Click on this line or the above image to see the 1st episode. It begins with the Author's Prelude. Then it moves on to the 2nd WebPage in this three (3) part series of a photojournalistic story featuring about 60 photos showing the details of one of the processes regarding the ice-wataer extraction method being done in JAMAICA.
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