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THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH "Volume One: Books 1, 2 and 3"

All Hashish photos, Marijuana photos, and other photos and text, as well as, the books design and graphics
by the World's Most Respected, photo journalist of Hashish, Marijuana and
Researching the Pleasures of the HIGH SOCIETY

Available in.

Austria, Canada,
Costa Rica, Denmark, England, France, Germany,
Nederland, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, USA

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3 Soft Cover
A description of the contents of each book is below in the INTRODUCTION.

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This 1st trilogy has over 2,000 Color Photographs, Intimately Visiting Over 30 Countries.

"Contains dozens of categories noted at the bottom of this page."

Since 1978, we are responsible for creating this GATEWAY to removing a centuries old shroud of darkness and prohibition.

The Great Books of HASHISH: Books 1, 2 and 3

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The most profound, photographic trilogy of spiritual and ritualistic books which (notwithstanding the point of view from which anyone approaches this subject), reflects a valuable addition to our library on human behavior.

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Three of the most important, photographic and historical books of all time.

1st Edition printed in 1979.(Soft Cover (Extremely rare): ( SOLD OUT).

2nt Edition printed in 1995.(Soft Cover (Extremely rare): ( SOLD OUT).
2nt Edition printed in 1995.(Hard Cover (Extremely rare): ( SOLD OUT).
150 Pages.
250 COLOR photos in Morocco, Jamaica, Hawaii, Lebanon, Afghanistan, India and Nepal.

Chapters include:

Prelude: by the author LAURENCE CHERNIAK

Introduction: by MICHAEL ALDRICH, Ph. D. (Curator, Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library), in San Francisco.

INSERT: Painting by the author entitled VALLEY TO ENTRANCING DREAMS.

1. INTRODUCTION TO HASHISH AROUND THE WORLD which is an overview of the above countries showing and listing Commercial Centers for Hashish Morocco, Lebanon, Afghanistan, India and the Himalayas. It also shows and discusses PRODUCTION Techniques in General featuring COLLECTING and PROCESSING Techniques.

2. Double-O Moroccan Kif
3. Leganese Blondes and Reds
4. Afghani Hashishin Tales
5. Happy Himalayan Hashish Harvest
6. Namaste Katmandu
7. Himalayan Hashish Slabs
8. First Quality Royal Nepalese

Book ONE: 4 new editions (Scandinavian, Spanish, German & English to be relieased in 1st week of June 2010.

Cover images to be posted here before end of May, 2010

Michio Matsui is indeed an author of at least one book and several articles for magazines apparently on and off line. To to the best of our knowledge this is to do with the most recent article he is one of the authors of.
BOOK TWO & BOOK THREE continue below this "NOTICE of PIRACY and THEIVERY".
PIRATED Editions of BOOK 1 of

PIRATED Editions are available in the GERMAN & JAPANESE languages:

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(Owner is) Raymond Martin
of RAYMOND MARTIN VERLAG Publishing Company.
Address: Jobstgreuth 12 D-91459, Markt Erlbach, Germany
Tel: 49-98-46-97200 Fax: 49-98-97-20-97
TITLE of the Book in German is: Das grosse Haschisch-Buch 01, ISBN 3886312232

2. JAPANESE: CLICK HERE to see the Dedication Page Acknowledging Mr. CHERNIAK as the
author of the Japanese Book.
(Owner is) Mr. Akira Kitagawa
K.K. Dai-san-sho-kan Publishing Company,
Address: 1-8, Okubo 2-chrome
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072, Japan. Tel: 81-3-3208-6668 Fax: 81-3-3208-6623

The following Japanese people, Michio Matsui (CEO Matsui Securities TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE), Michihiro Hinata and Keiko Enjoji are theTranslators and have purported themselves as Copyright Owners along with Mr. Kitagawa.

Mr. Michio Matsui and Mr. Akira Kitagawa are apparently old friends involving these kinds of activities, is one of the things that we have learned from sources on the internet and elsewhere.

More on these PIRATES will definitely be forthcoming through links that will follow just as soon as we can put more of the information, that we have already compiled about them, on the internet. This includes them being involved with terrorism in France. Go to this link to see more about

Mr. Akira Kitagawa
owner of (K.K. Dai-san-sho-kan Publishing Company,) being extradicted from France back to Japan.

Click here or on either of the above text boxes to see the rest of the dedication page. - a complete rip-off.
Mr. Michio Matsui, married into (what was then, one of Japan's smaller stock broker firms), Matsui Securities Co. He changed his name to his wife's father's surname (she has no male siblings) so that people would believe that Mr. Michio Matsui was the true son of his wife's father.

Mr. Michio Matsui
's radical activities are already recorded on the internet long before this writing. He
has authored, at least one (what we understand, is a small story in book form) and considers himself a writer

Michio Matsui is also the author of "O Yannasaiyo demo Tsumannnaiyo" (Do It, but It Won't Be Interesting). Mr. Matsui graduated from the Economics Department of Hitotsubashi University in 1976. Michio Matsui has risen to be the President, Chief Executive Officer, Matsui Securities Co.
Matsui Securities President Michio MATSUI and LDP Lower House member Yasuhisa Shiozaki discuss the government's role in revitalizing Japan's economy.
Matsui Securities President Michio Matsui and New Komeito Poliscy Research Council Chairman Kazuo Kitagawa discussing what is needed most in the current Japanese economy.
We will be placing more Soap(links) about Mr. Michio Matsui and Mr. Akira Kitagawa on the internet in the near future so that anyone who is thinking of working with any of these people will know what they could be getting into. If Mr. Michio Matsui and Mr. Akira Kitagawa have any wish for moral decency, this information on the internet might help them to accept LAURENCE's offer to happily work together, to avoid further shame. We have approached them to do the following, several times, and none of them have given us the courtesy of any reply, whatsoever. LAURENCE's most recent offer was sent by fax to Fax: 81-3-3208-6623, at the end of June 2005. The OFFER is to publish in Japanese Book 2 of this trilogy, taking care of making this a win-win experience, advising them of this website page, being as a way of, making this in to a Soap.

Less than 10 copies left of the Original 1st edition of this photographic journalism masterpiece. These last copies of The GBH Vol. 1 Bk 2. (1st Edition 1984), are extremely rare.4 Soft cover available Suggested Retail US$395 + shipping for N. America $22.50.

1st Edition printed in 1984: ( Extremely Rare: A 2nd Edition has not been published)

Book 2 Hard Cover 1st Edition US$445.00 + 25.00 shipping for N. America
(less than 20 copies in stock is all that we have).

208 Pages
550 COLOR photos.

Chapters include:

Preface: by Dr. Timothy Leary
Introduction: by Dr. Richard Evans Schultes, Jeffrey Professor of Biology, Director, Botanical Museum of Harvard University.

1. Prelude: by the author LAURENCE CHERNIAK

-which includes - Modern Use, Earliest Use, The Assassins and the Crusaders (Phase One) (Second Phase), The Assassin and Marco Polo, Hasan 'al Mahdi ibn as, Sabbah (70,000 devoted Assassins/Hashishins), The Assassins and Saladin, Sinan Rashid Ad-Din-As, After Hasan, etc.

2. (a)(Intro) Cannabis Around the World. (Part One): Global, Uses, Comparing Hashish to Marijuana, Buying Weed, "Dry Toke or "air-testing", Colors, Varieties, Qualities, Growing Scene,

2(b) Afghanistan,
(c) Burma
(d) Colombia
(e) India
(f) Jamaica
(g) Lebanon
(h) Mexico
(i) Morocco
(j) Nepal
(k) Thailand
(l) United States of America

3. Sinsemilla Production in the United States
Everything that anyone needs to know about growing Sincsemilla, which dozens of other authors have used as the basis for their books on "How to Grow Marijuana".

4. Notes to the Mainland From Maui Bud:

5. "ALL STAR STASH" of a private collection of almost every recreational substance:
Photographed in San Francisco, California

6. OPIUM, The Blaci Harvest.

Book TWO:

Hard Cover 1st Edition will be displayed here by June. 1, 2010.

First Edition published in 2000:

Book 3 Hard Cover 1st Edition US$125.00 + 27.50 shipping for N. America.

256 Pages.
Over 1500 COLOR photos.

Chapters include:

Reviews of Book One and Two:

Introduction: by Mr. Ben Dronkers, founder of the Sensi Seed Bank and the Hashish, Marijuana, Hemp Museum in Amsterdam, Nederland.

Prelude: by the author LAURENCE CHERNIAK
"Heading Out on the HIGH ROAD."

Two Paintings by the author entitled

CHAPTER ONE: Marijuana Around the World:

1. Afghanistan,
2. The Bahamas,
3. Belgium,
4. Belize,
5 Burma,
6. Canada,
7. Cayman Islands,
8. Colombia,
9. Costa Rica,
10. Denmark,
11. El Salvador,
12. England,
13. France,
14 Germany,
15. Guatemala,
16. Holland (includes featuring the Annual Cannabis Cup Expo),
17. Honduras,
18. Hungary,
19. India,
20. Italy,
21 Jamaica,
22. Lebanon,
23. Mexico,
24. Morocco,
25. Nepal,
26. Nicaragua,
27. Pakistan,
28. Spain,
29. Switzerland,
30. Thailand,
31. Turkey,
32. Turks & Caicos Islands,
33. USA (Every one of the 50 States in the USA, plus the District of Columbia).


Chapters on Smuggling in a couple of Ki's,
Part One: Marijuana
Part Two: Hashish

CHAPTER THREE: Has two sub-chapters.
Eating and Drinking in 8 countries.
Part 2. The Cannabis Feast continued from Book 2).

CHAPTER FOUR: Has two sub-chapters.
Part 1. Anatomy of Cannabis,
Part 2. Microscopic Explorations.

CHAPTER FIVE: Has four sub-chapters.

Culture Playing Cards
Part 1. Cannabis Culture Playing Cards
Part 2. Hemp Culture Playing Cards

Part 3. Famous Photos

Part 4. About the author and HIGH TIMES.

All copies of this Soft
Cover Edition are on recall because of being defective. If you have one please contact us to get it back to us . We will make it into a Deluxe hard cover edition for free and pay for the shipping charges back to you.

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The above Deluxe Hard Cover Edition above is a stunning work of art and photo-journalism.

This Hard Cover Edition is practically indestructible. It would take something stupid like an atomic bomb to take it apart.

The following testimonials appear on the back cover of Book 3 or elsewhere on the pages in the prefaces or introductions to these photographic bibles.

1.  "A superb trilogy of books, especially from the pictorial viewpoint and it should go far in an educational effort towards understanding the use of Cannabis as a psychotropic plant. As interest in the use of Cannabis products as psychoactive agents increases, books like this one serve in providing a picture of the worldwide significance of the plant as a mind altering aspect of human culture that goes back for a millennia in certain areas of the globe. I look forward to subsequent volumes".

Laurence Cherniak is a very exceptional person and a most unusual writer. Although I am most certainly not sympathetic to the idea that there are many advantages attendant upon the use of such agents as cannabis and opium. I respect and encourage his right to point out to the public the beliefs of many contempories; and it is in this context that I have read his manuscripts and viewed his photographs with enjoyment and enlightenment.

Cherniak is much more than an expert photographer with an uncanny eye for the unbelievably unusual, the culturally broadening, and the historically valuable picture. He has a telling and understanding rapproachement with people of foreign cultures which, incidently, has enabled him to come close to and be comfortable with people in our own drug subcultures. Such a rare combination is destined to produce results of incalculable value to all interested in the use of psychoactive substances, notwithstanding the point of view from which they may approach the subject.

It is a joy indeed to appreciate Cherniak's photographic art which he has applied and utilized so completely to advantage during his far-flung travels across the globe. His illustrative contributions to our more than deficient understanding of the use of drugs by humankind are well worthy of our heartiest accolades. Perhaps only a person so sympathetic to the intangibilities of the recreational use of psychoactive drugs could prepare such a volume of magnificent pictorial records.

While Cherniak's major contribution, which I believe no reader will ever doubt, is clearly his photographic skill and astuteness, his prose style is enjoyable and unstilted; it is simple, clear, convesational, intimate, comfortable and humane, even in those sections where he delves into the difficult task of attempting to explain the complex "philosphies" of several subcultures devoted to drug usage in modern America, philosphies which are difficult for most people of those subcultures to understand.

The use of pyschoactive drugs is ages old. Once confined for the most part to primitive societies and limited to magico-religious contexts, it has spread to our modern urbanized cultures and has taken a definite hold. There are basic reasons underlying this new adaption of the utilization of such powerful mind-altering agents, and I am convinced that it does not represent an ephemeral wave but is here to stay in a greater or lesser intensification; whether for good or for worse is not here a question worth discussing. If this be so, then it behooves us to learn as much about these drugs, their uses and their beneficial or evil effects from as many different points of view as possible.

Laurence Cherniak offers us one such viewpoint, a viewpoint based on years of study on a world-wide basis with drug use. As a scientist trained and accustomed to looking at the employment of drugs from a wholly materialistic and unilateral angle, I enthusiastically welcome anything so genuine, human, and understanding as Cherniak's thoroughly original contribution.

  Dr. Richard Evans Schultes, Ph. D,. Jeffrey Professor of Biology, Director Botanical Museum, HARVARD UNIVERSITY.

2. The works of Laurence Cherniak are a most important contribution to our library of evolution.

Throughout history, pagan philosophers have known that nature has provided our species with sacred plant resins which stimulates receptor sites in the brain activating powerful life forces with the individual. These holy plants have always been cultivated in secrecy, anathematized anti-life forces, praised by pagan sages, celebrated by artists, and everywhere and always shared by lovers.

Cherniak combines scholarly research, anthropological sensitivity, photographic genius, and human insight to remind us that these holy plants come from the earth, are cultivated by people close to the land, and used by those who wish to remain in union with life. These are beatuful affirmative books."

Dr. Timothy Leary a true friend and wondeful loving heart to the author.

3.  "I first saw Laurence's books in the early '70's. They were the finest quality books, color photos and explanations that I have ever seen on cannabis and hashish."

No one, even comes close to Cherniak's comprehensive photos and editorials. All these years have passed and Laurence can still be proud of having the finest photographs of cannabis and hashish that I have ever seen. I grew up on his books."

Jack Herer,  Author, The Emporer Wears No Clothes.

4.  "The first time I saw these photos by Laurence Cherniak, I felt like a test pilot suddenly thrust into a new dimesion, riding a magic carpet to the fabled lands of hashish. The pictures are so real I could almost smell the hashish being made, thousands of miles away. As these images flashed vividly across my mind I knew at once this was the best essay in drug photography I'd ever seen, a master work. And that was just the first hit!".

Cherniak's remarkable record of manufacturing techniques in the great hashish centers of the world is particularly valuable now that "modern civilization" is encroaching on these areas. Of even greater importance, one may hope, these books will call attention to the ecological catastrophies that may wipe out these human communities entirely.

Laurence Cherniak is highly capable of unveiling the mysteries of hashish with talent and imagination as long as hashishins remember the oath of Sheikh Haidar to "keep their trust and guard their secret."

Michael R. Aldrich,  Curator, Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library, San Francisco, Calif.

5.  "Laurence Cherniak's books are very far above all the other books that I have seen in the last 25 years regarding marijuana and hashish. Laurence always gives me the sense of living splendidly while travelling around in a great big world. Reading his books transports you on a journey throughout the continents, showing not only the richest substances; but also the people."

Ben Dronkers,  Founder of SensiSeeds/The Marijuana, Hashish, Hemp Museum, Holland.

We are delighted to offer this trilogy "The Great Books of HASHISH Bks 1, 2 and 3".

A Priceless Reference for Libraries, Researchers, Novices and Enthusiasts.
The Great Books of Hashish have given Birth to a New Hashish Rennaissance.

Collecting and Processing Secrets   Exotic Hashish Lands and Cultures  *  Immense Farms and Gardens  *  Hand and Machine Pressing  *  Preventing Mould * Improving Potency  *  Surviving on the Hashish Trail *  Valuating Grades of Quallity * Smoking Methods * Folklore * Intriguing Portraits  * Zany Stories about Wild Eyed Assassins and the Crusaders * Sinsemilla Production in the United States of America * Growing * Fertilizers * (N.P.K) * Controlling Unwanted Insects * Seed Reproduction * Vegetative Reproductioin * Cannabis and Cosmic Consciousness * Opium: The Black Harvest * Marijuana Around the World * Smuggling in a Couple of Ki's * Eating and Drinking * Cannabis Feasting * Anatomy of Cannabis * Microscopic Explorations * Cannabis and Hemp Culture Playing Cards * Making Hash Video * World's first photographs of a never, before shown, part of the plant called the CHERNIAK OCCURANCE *

....and a Wonderful Selection of the World's Finest Hashish in Thousands of Dazzling, Lavish Color Photographs that take you in Front of, Between and Through the Scenes on Five Continents. These Books are a Pictorial Record of Travelling Further Through the World Wide Fellowship of Cannabis etc.  The Grass Photographs, the Cross-section of Word Usuage in the Writing Style and the Layout Design of the Text and Photographs make the Great Books of Hashish and other drugs (Researching the Pleasures of the High Society) the Most Unique Photojournalistic and Ethnobotanical Source of Cannabis Pharmacology, etc. in print

No other publishing company can make this claim on behalf of any of their authors.

These Books are for People who like to See Things that They have Never Seen Before and Who Also Like to Have Fun.

We Welcome any Comments or Suggestioins, that You would Like To Pass Along. Please feel free to contact us via email.

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