"Joe Carter"


All photos and text by Photographer, Writer and Publisher LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

Joe Carter is one of the most charismatic players that The Toronto Blue Jays enjoyed having on their team when the Blue Jays won the 1992 and 1993 World Series Championships. He clinched the win of the 1993 world series with a home run in the 9th inning of the 1993 World Series Championships.
Joe Carter was their star outfielder and was honored with the recognition of being a member of the Blue Jays Level of Excellence in 1999. He will forever be remembered for that ninth-inning home run which won the 1993 World Series. In 1,039 games from 1991 to 1997 with the Blue Jays Joe hit .257 with 578 runs scored, 218 doubles, 28 triples, 203 home runs with 736 RBIs and 78 stolen bases. In his sever seasons, he represented Toronto on 5 All-Star Games, including 1991 in Toronto - his first season with the Jays after he was acquired from San Diego with Roberto Alomar on Dec. 5, 1990 in exchange for Tony Fernandez and Fred McGriff. Along with his heroic on-field accomplishments, Joe and his wife were active off the field as the Diana and Joe Carter Foundation operated the "Jumpin' with Joe" program which provided needy children all over the Toronto area with a day at a teen ranch, Christian Youth Camp and tickets for a Blue Jays game which featured Joe speaking to all the children. He also supported many other charities including Ronald McDonal House as well as hosted an annual charity golf tournament.

In his 16 years career of playing major league baseball Joe hit .259 with 432 doubles, 396 home runs and 1,445 RBIs while playing for the Chicago Cubs (1983), the Cleveland Indians (1984-89), the San Diego Padres (1990), the Blue Jays (1991-97), the Baltimore Orioles (1998) and the San Francisco Giants (1998). Scroll down for links to more of historical photos featuing Joe Carter.
Above we see Joe in a few of the great moments he enjoyed as one of the most influential baseball players of the 1992 and 1993 World Series Champions, Toronto Blue Jays. He deserved every minute of the limelight that came his way.

Joe really liked our publication as he knew that he could always count on us to support The Blue Jays whether they were winning or not. Thus whenever Joe and I meet in public away from the baseball scene, at other events, like the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Games and we'd gravitate right to each other, and talk story. It was very heartwarming and comforting for us to hang out at those moments amongst the multitudes and share a some time together knowing that we had a special relationship. Joe Carter made me feel like I was important and as you can see whenever I asked him to hold a pose for a photograph he was happy to do so with exuburance. As a result the people posing with him were great subject matter for the pictures that I took.

One of my very favorite moments was before one of the games when some children who were handicapped were mingling with the players, like the little boy in the bottom right image that you see posing with Joe while the boy's lady chaperone, who had stepped into the background so that the boy could suddenly have his photo taken with Joe Carter. However, I made sure to include her wonderful, gracious, smiling self, in the photo as the boys posed.

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