Tribute to the Toronto Blue Jays.

This TORONTO BLUE JAYS 1992 World Series Champions historical photos tribute features a rare, collectible group of pictures and images of the 1992 World Series Champions. This publication is the best photographic tribute ever published for The 1992 World Series Champs, Toronto Blue Jays fans, collectors and the great city of Toronto. It begins with a lead in spectacular, two page spread picture 11 by 17 inches, (poster size) of the 1992 World Series Champs in the 1992 World Series Champion's Toronto Blue Jays Parade. accompanied by Toronto's Finest.

Over 500 photos were put into this historic and collectible edition "your good news" magazine, The Bulletin Board, which had all access areas, press creditials to take photos from anywhere in the Skydome.

Now, 10 years later, copies of this rare and collectible, numbered and signed editon by the photographer, author and publlsher LAURENCE CHERNIAK, are available. Each copy is individually signed and personally inscribed by Mr. Cherniak, as per your own request.

THE PARADE OF CHAMPIONS Toronto Blue Jays memorabilia
including links to many of the festivities at Sky Dome
is now available.

"Go Jays Go!"
With your copy of this publication you feel like you were right there at the parade honoring the 1992 World Series Champions. Share the feelings of that happy day with hundreds of thousands of people including the players, staff and fans. This Tribute will help you keep the memory of lining the streets of Toronto while the gigantic sign in the sky at the bottom of York Street was clearly visible in the background, as a historic landmark of that momentous day. The two policement who were in this photo were delighted and were still wearing smiles when they came by our offices and studios to pick up their copies of this historic issue which you (welcome viewer) are browing through now.
In the foreground we see cars with that great pitcher Jimmy Key and catcher Pat Borders (Most Valuable Players of the Series). In another car we see G. Sisco, referred to as the best pitching coach of the decade.

Here's one of the world's most famous birds,
BJ Birdie,
Our tribute to the Blue Jays is more complete with everyone's favourite mascot!

This above two page spread is 11 inches high and 17 inches wide. As memoribilia, its a super pull out which can be used as a poster and looks lovely framed.

Scroll down for links to more of these historical photos.

Click on the this line to see the World Series Trophy presentation to the Blue Jays, in the Sky Dome, hosted by Jerry Howarth and Tom Cheek, two of the sweetest guys (broadcasters) in baseball.
Click here for links to the players on the teams in the 1992 and 1993 teams starting with Mr. JOE CARTER.

Click here for a Complete history of the 1992 and 1993 World Series Champion Toronto Blue Jays since their beginning until 2000.

Click here for info on the 1992 and 1993 World Series Baseball Champions, Toronto Blue Jays, home the Skydome.

Click here for the entire history of who won the World Series each year since this famous event, The World Series, began.





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