The best photos, pictures and images TRIBUTE


All photos and text by Photographer, Writer and Publisher LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

Welcome to the best and only photographic tribute ever published to the 1st time World Series Champions.....The 1992 Toronto Blue Jays.

Below is our cover of the publication which is the only ever major photographic tribute to the 1992 World Series Champs, The Toronto Blue Jays Baseball team led by coach Cito Gaston. Cito grew to heartily warm up to our work and happily agreed to pose for us holding a baseball bat; something I had never seen any manager do for any member of the press. During that 1992 season The Blue Jays went on to be the 1992 World Series Champions and Cito and I became friends. He liked the idea that no matter how the team was doing I always printed"good news" about the team that became the 1992 World Series Champs. I was thankful for his friendship and for him taking a shine to my efforts. He set a standard that all the rest of the players followed in always helping me to get any photos, pictures and images I was interested in. Thanks to always giving them the most loyal support, as time went by I had more freedom to take any photos from anywhere I liked in the SkyDome during all the games that I attended as a member of the press.. With each game's attnedance I was able to capture some fabulous photos, pictures and images of the to be 1992 World Series Champs, The Toronto Blue Jays at the SkyDome during the season and during the festivities of the 1992 World Series Celebrations where the Toronto Blue Jays, so many of whom had become my friend were honored

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ABOVE: Cover of the only ever publication which features the greatest tribute with the best captured memories in photos, pictures and images of the most famous Toronto Blue Jays team in history. The 1992 World Series Champions. It displays over 200 great pictures and photos that only appeared in this very special NUMBERED COLLECTIBLE issue plus a series of images that every baseball fan will just love. Welcome to some great fun and thanks for letting us share it with you.

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