Costa Rica's FINEST POSTCARDS   (the backs have color designs too!)
This update started on December 10, 2004 to display the higher quality, colorful backs of these Costa Rica's Finest Postcards. Below are the printed backs, which are done in pastel colors with strong contrast so that the images can be easily seen. To the best of our knowledge these are the only fully reversible postcards in the world. Your written message can look beautiful against backgrounds like these. We hope you enjoy using these backs as much we enjoyed creating them. The backs of these Costa Rica Finest Postcards are the beginning of posting all 78 of the cards in this series. We look forward to have them all published on the net. Thank you for your patience. We believe this will give viewers a good idea of how beautiful the backs of these Costa Rica's Finest Postcards are. When these pages are done it will be possible to click on each of the images below and see the front.

Costa Rica's
Finest Postcards.

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54 postcards (released in February of 1997 plus 12 in December 1998 and an additional 12 cards in August of 1999 for a total of 78 COLLECTIBLE NUMBERED postcards. 15 years of research. We are thankful to still be furthering our travels throughout this wonderful country enjoying it's beaches, butterflies, waters, volcanos, rainforests, jungles, sunsets, wildlife and people.

We are delighted to offer you Costa Rica postcards which are the world's 1st REVERSIBLE postcards featuring color designs on the back.



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