An original HAWAIIAN play

Ghost Written and Directed by

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"Ua mau ke ea o ka aina I ka pono"
in  English is
The life of the land is preserved by righteousness


Mahalo plenty, for so much aloha when you first came by and shared, some deep feelings, about how much you really enjoyed the performances that LINDA TAKITA (Artistic Director of the MAUI YOUTH THEATRE) and I had done with our State of Hawaii sponsored " Shakespeare's Battle of the Sexes" tour througout the islands of Hawaii.

I was most impressed about how much you had followed up on us finishing at UH in Honolulu; that then you knew, would be a good tiime for your first visit.

In many ways that visit became a devine revelation which inspired me to know I was going to build another keystone to what life can be, when a person experiences pure Hawaiian life in up-country Maui. Living in those times, for years, including the work that you and I did, was a major wildest dream that came true for all us in the ohana of "On Butterfly Wings".
I reember it was a beautiful lani day when you came to my home up on da side of Haleakala. Your wonderful imagination, on that one page day, showed how gracious an invitation you were offering. That aloha, to take your 1 page synopsis (thanks to the grant that our State of Aloha also gave you) with a cast of 6 people was very special, in the way of the freedom you offered, for me, to take it beyond the limits of everyone's imagination. It was most gratifying for me to make it (with you) into the miracle it became.Virtually,

With its ultimate cast of 128 people, exectuted (on and off stage) with the flavour of a classical Shakespearen production, which brought in a full house every performance including matinees. To have standing room only (every performance) of its run was a part of what would become another of this actor/director's wildest dreams coming true; (to have driected and acted in the most finanacially successful play, in the history of The Maui Community Theatre was a very special experience for (me and my family) which opportunity I will always be thankful. Thankful, to you Alexa, in offering me the opportunity to be so much a part of that Ohana oriented community of people who each love Hawaii.

To also create and play the comical role, of the serious Premier of Russia in the last 15 minutes, of the play, was a super thrill.

Bringing the house down is always "plenty fun" especially when any dignitary falls to his knees, in a tantrum like a spoilt baby who then cries while he is beating his hands on the stage floor, then stops crying because he can not see himself, on his Russian TV; then remembers that, for this special televised event, while he was going to be on TV to do an international hook-up with the president Reagan, to announce world peace, he was supposed to have a Sony TV, so he starts to cry again while asking eveyone on stage and in the audience where is his Sony TV

It was absoutely delightful then and it still is now whenever I think of what it meant to so many people and the 'kama aina' of Thr State of Hawaii.


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