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As RICHARD III Williamshakespeare's reknowned play.

LAURENCE CHERNIAK as an Actor and Director on stage, in films, on television and on the radio.

Above LAURENCE CHERNIAK is seen in the title role of Richard III.

We shall also be posting more photos of him in the Shakespearean roles of Othello, Hamlet, Petruchio, Orlando (As You Like It) and Fabian (Twelfth Night).

As well in the title role of Peer Gynt from the Ibsen play of the same name.

We will have slide shows wherein we also see him as Good King Bumpygruff in the "King of Ice Cream Mountain", a wondeful children's play.

As well we shall see him as the
Russian Premier Constantin Chernenko in the most financially successful play in the history of Maui Theatre "On Butterfly Wings" which was also directed by Mr. Cherniak. With a cast of over 120 people, it was sold out every performance, standing room only every night and matinee sof its run.

Also, during the run of "On Butterfly Wings" his paintings were on exhibit in the theatre lobby.

Also we shall see the cake he designed for 1st Canadian Theatre Arts Ball on behalf of The Canadian Actor's Equity Association.

This cake was to celebrate independence (from the USA's stage union Actor's Equity Association) of the Canadian Actors and stage performers (ballet, opera, directors and stage hands) in honor of forming a new union which was named
Canadian Actor's Equity Association.

At that time, as well as being able to elect members the executive we were also able to reward distinctive performers with an award of life memeberships. This cake has the two life members (Robert Christie and Gratien Gelinas) on the cake to honor their status.

We will see Mr. Cherniak with the bronze (framed in oak) plaque that he designed to also honor Life Members names to be enscribed on.

We shall also see the 3 designs Mr. Cherniak submitted in the competition to design the new logo for Canadian Actor's Equity Association, which in those days had recently formed as a result of an amicable withdrawl from American Actor's Equity Association. Under the leadership of one of Laurence's kindest supporters, Mr. Larry McCance R.I.P. (the chief executive of the Canadian Union for Actors) the Professional Canadian acting community had become totally independent as a result of these activities.

LAURENCE CHERNIAK also was victorious in the first elections, of the members, by the member, to be one of the Original Charter Executive Members of the 1st Executive Committee of the Canadian Actor's Equity Association. Subsequently he served on 7 of 9 sub-committees to improve the situation of, not only Canadian Actors, but anyone, who works in the theatre (Directors, Ballet, Opera, Stage Managers and other artists in the live theatre community which come under the auspicies of The Canadian Actor's Equity Association.

He also served as the vice president of the associations Actor's Equity Library. More on Actor's Equity Library to come.

Along with these achievements in the world of Artists in general we shall also post more activities which has added considerable to the noteworthy comments of Mr. CHERNIAK's artistic career.

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