LAURENCE with 4 x 6 foot posters of his painting all around Toronto.

Posing at a few of the almost 100 transit shelters which displayed "MY HONEY and ME"

LAURENCE CHERNIAK and his most famous painting,
reproduced over 30 million times to promote the 1st Annual Toronto Arts Week.

Inside Main Lobby of the Simpson's Sears department store in downtown Toronto. In the main store windows sometimes these 4 by 6 posters were duplicated several times making a wonderful sight to see.

One of the store managers phoned us to come in and sign one of the posters to take home.

Inside Main Lobby of the Simpson's Sears department store in downtown Toronto.
Simpson's Sears also had smaller posters leading into some of their departments.
Posing in the heart of the fashion district on Spadina Avenue.
The posters were displayed in at least a dozen places on Yonge Street, Toronto's high (main) street, especially downtown.
Local TV station filming "My Honey and Me" plus other paintings at one of the 22 locations exhibiting the artist's works during of the First Annual Toronto Arts Week.
At another shelter on Dupont Street.
Medium size posters 18 x 24 inches were posted all over many of the construction hoardings all over the City of Toronto and its suburbs.
Outside of the downtown Eaton's store on Yonge St. in front of the booth for FIVE STAR TICKET SALES.
Usher checking guest list at the entrance to the banquet hall on the evening of the Awards.
Posing outside a dance studio on Queen Street in downtown Toronto.
The success and history of the original painting entitled "My Honey and Me" also led to Mr. Cherniak undertaking a portrait painting of Toronto's First Family, Mr. & Mrs Art Eggleton, the Mayor of Toronto for over 10 years.

That began with a photo shoot, on a beautiful, sunny, Wednesday, October 12, 1988, at the new Toronto City Hall where the Mayor and his wife posed for their portrait to be done.
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