My Honey & Me

(The True Story of how it came to be)

Welcome to a true copy of our most famous painting. Below is the original painting, which is not quite the same, as the version which was used by the Toronto Arts Awards Foundation.

Apparently,the Executive Council of The Board of Directors, by way of hand it downs, insisted, in the subtlest way, that it would be a better representation of "the ARTS" if the musical notes and the hearts were not present in the painting???? Someday we'll probably put the whole story here about what kind of (???? that is). It wasn't' a direct request, to us, by the Foundation, just one of their subordinates who may have been asked to carry out their request, or else it was his own idea...we'll leave the story about that to another episode one day.

This below, is the original look that the Executive Council of the Foundation agreed on to represent the 1st ANNUAL TORONTO ARTS WEEK in 1987. About a week before we received the news about changing the look of the painting, one of the Executive Council members, who was a friend of ours (the special one who insisited on taking the original painting to a Executive Council Board meeting to view) told us that the Arts Awards Foundation, Executive Council Board of Directors, had done something in its meeting that was an amazing precedent. It was the 1st time, in the Council's history, that the Executive of the Board of Directors were able to agree unanimously on anything; not only that, but in less than 5 minutes.

Still, when the one employee asked us if it would be alright to take out the hearts and music notes, we gently responded by advising him that we would alter the original painting ourselves to accommodate their need to shoot photos of it, for color separations, etc. Of course that totally destroyed him and them or whoever....that an artist would not only allow his original work to be altered, but do it himself. Updates to this part of our website regarding "My Honey in Me" will be posted in days to come.

We'll be displaying hundreds of other paintings here in the future, as well as, "works in progress" so come back any time you're inclined. Nothing but fun and thanks for letting us share it with you in days to come.


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"Metro and Metra", the Mimes from "My Honey in Me".

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The painting of "Metro and Metra" was done as a thank you to all those great people in Toronto who gave us so much enthusiasm and encouragement over "My Honey and Me".
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