"Metro and Metra" (The True Story of how it came to be)

As mentioned in the previous link to reaching this part of our site we are often still, deeply, moved whenever we contemplate the several months leading up the glorious events of the 1st ANNUAL TORONTO ARTS WEEK CELEBRATIONS. It was a fantastic night staring with cocktails before a lavish Banquet Dinner for 1,400 people.

The Awards were greatly enhanced thanks to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation employing 6 mimes from Quebec, to be dressed, up in the outfits as created in the painting of "My Honey and Me".

Artistically respecting the wonderful enthusiasm generated by "My Honey and Me"we felt it would be a further tribute, in extending our thanks, to the city of Toronto, to create a series of paintings featuring these two mimes in more paintings.

From the painting below we derived names for the two individuals. We named them, after each other and after what every megamopolis, like Toronto, is addressed as. "Metro and Metra" would be their names.

The painting "My Honey and Me" had come to life that night. It's always fun to be in the spotlight for achievements, as an artist. The experience of its success continues to manifest more new memories that will be with us for the rest of our lives. We gratefully thank those individuals who were so wonderful in their encouraging our artistic abilities. We wish them everlasting happiness and health.

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Click here for more paintings with a certain tenderness that comes right from the heart

The painting of "Metro and Metra" was done as a thank you for all the attention and inspiration that we received by so many wonderful people of Toronto. You gave us so much enthusiasm and encouragement over "My Honey in Me". "Metro and Metra" was unveiled at a press conference in the board room of the Metropolitan Toronto Convention and Visitors Association in the Queen's Key Terminal while we were serving as the Founding Art Curator to the MTCVA.

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