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Pineapple, Papaya, Bananas and Lemons are a few of our favourite foods. Living in the tropics for a good part of our life has brought us closer to nature in many ways. Enjoying the sweetest things in life comes from also serving these fruits at any time of the day.

A mother blue whale, the lasrgest living mammal on earth gently prodes her calf up to the surface of the water so that it may take its first breath of fresh air. Our paintings revel in displaying the wonderful world we have been so fortunate to live in. We are thankful for having the gift of experiencing these amazing rituals of instinct while viewing survival manifest itself. Yet the universe, as we know it, abounds in utter chaos all around us. A miracle indeed to fathom love during the intervals.

A little exercise in playing with rainbows. One of my favorite ways of diverting myself in spare time.Here we see 6 chubby little birds who are all just simply delighted with everything that is going on around them. Eeach one is matching the sequential colors of the rainbow behind them while sitting on a berry branch . They also have good company from a ladybug and a rainbow butterfly passing by.
Postcards for Promoting Tourists in Costa Rica.

Tarjeta - Card # 75:  LORO VERDE - GREEN PARROTS:

La pintura original de LAURENCE CHERNIAK retrata los pericos como una pareja que se refugia en la amistad. La pintura original fue comprada por la propiedad de Cindy y Howard Simpson, Canada, en memoria de un regalo de sus luna de miel. Para ver mas pinturas de LAURENCE CHERNIAK, vea # 2, 3, 37 y 41.

The original painting by LAURENCE CHERNIAK portrays two parrots, who have found friendship in each other. The original painting was purchased by the estate of Cindy & Howard Simpson, Canada, as their honeymoon gift to each other. For more LAURENCE CHERNIAK paintings see our cards # 2, 3, 37 and 41.

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