Costa Rica  Personalized/Custom Made color POSTCARDS 
(With backs that have color designs too!)

Impress your guests and clients with a Beautiful REVERSIBLE POSTCARD 

Design your own or have it be designed   by LAURENCE CHERNIAK
Above are samples of the fronts and the backs (which have pastel colors with strong contrast) so that the images, on the back, can easily be appreciated.

As of this date in Nov. 2005, we believe, we are the only source ( in the world) offering reversible postcards.

The backs of these postcards compliments messages from whoever sends them, to whoever receives them.

We believe you will love having this kind of highest quality promotional piece, as much we enjoy helping to create and produce each one for your unique and specific requirements.
We can produce custom made Postcards like these for your business in Costa Rica - read on.

If you have a hotel, B&B, lodge, or any other charming and loving sanctuary in Costa Rica; are providing an experience that has life long memories, this is a perfect idea (that can say so much) as a gift to/from your guests. It gives them special momento to remember you by and/or to send to the people that they care for, while being in Costa Rica.

Imagine two or three of your, (full color) thumbnail photos and/or logo(s) would be
on the backs (like you can see of one of our paintings on the back of Card #2
(above right-bottom left
) (in the place of where, the images of the birds are.)

2,000 postcards 4 by 6 inches is the minimum order at a cost of $375.00 US + Color sep @ $40 = $415.00
2,000 postcards 5 by 7 inches is the minimum order at a cost of $500.00 US + Color sep @ $60 = $560.00

Color separatons, one time charge, for 4 by 6 postcards is $40.
Color separatons, one time charge, for 5 by 7 postcards is $60.

Please remember that acceptable delivery, according to printing trade standards, allows for a (10% up or down) variance in the quantity delivered to each client and the price will be adjusted according to the number of postcards delivered.

If you have already seen any of our Costa Rica's Finest Postcards then you know the true quality (14PT. thickness of the paper) that we use for these gorgeous postcards; all of our postcards; which will be the same for the cards that we produce to represent you and/or your business.

If you require LAURENCE CHERNIAK's artistic talents to create one of these products - costs per hour are based on an each project's requirements. His talents include artwork, design, photography, layout, writing the text, as well as, any other aspects of designing and publishing the final product that you would like, to better represent yourself and/or your business. Each project's art work will bear different costs depending on just what you would like to see, and have people see, on your personalized, custom made postcards (fronts and backs).

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54 postcards (released in February of 1997 plus 12 in December 1998 and an additional 12 cards in August of 1999 for a total of 78 COLLECTIBLE NUMBERED postcards. 15 years of research.
We are thankful to still be furthering our travels throughout this wonderful country enjoying it's

, butterflies,
 humor, iguanas, jungles, monkeys, rainforests, sunsets, volcanoes, waters, wildlife and people.

We are delighted to offer these Costa Rica postcards which are the world's 1st REVERSIBLE postcards which features color designs on the back. To see them click on the links below.
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If you would like your own Custom Made Unique postcards) like we are doing for the people of
Costa Rica and/or their businesses, just click here.

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