Welcome to this index page linking to our postcard walls. These walls of our art works include our personal postcards. Also postcards that we have created for the *Turks and Caicos Islands Postcards,*
The Cayman Islands Postcards
, featuring "HELL Postcards ",   Costa Rica Postcards,
The Toronto Postcard Club Postcards* while being their only Official Sponsor,
The Great Books of Hashish Trilogy Postcards
and the thousands of other postcards, that we
(TASA: The Art Services Agency Inc's Postcards.
out of Toronto, Canada 1987-
1996.) produced, for all kinds of people, along the way, to promoting *them with postcards * and ourself with postcards.
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The LAURENCE CHERNIAK Personal Postcards represent the beginning of a long history, of travelling the world. They reflect on, how being artistic with postcards, became such a nice part of our life. Come have fun with us as we recount the great times that we are still enjoying with postcards. They have led to the porthole that displays these walls which reflect a various parts of our artworks and other activities. Our major involvement began in the mid 1960's and then in 1987 we began to manufacture postcards with a new company (The Art Services Agency).

36 CAYMAN ISLANDS Postcards (1995) We came because of it's pristine dive sites. We had wonderful times getting to know Grand Cayman and its two much smaller sister islands Cayman Brac and the sleepy hollow Little Cayman. All three have wonderful dive sites accompanied by hundreds of moorings to tie a line and dive, dive, dive. Clear waters and wonderful things to see from one moment to the next as one dives those waters with often 100 feet of visibility. Iimage to the right enters the views to The CAYMAN ISLANDS Diving Postcards Collection.
1st HELL Postcard! (1995) HELL in the CAYMAN ISLANDS. The first print run of slightly over 5,000 cards sold out in less than two months. It was a special opportunity to have really great fun. Started to make more designs regarding the humorous side of HELL POSTCARDS especially since there is a Post Office in Hell where they use a rubber stamp to mark that each card is one the HELL POSTCARDS as comes from Hell.    See you in HELL!
54 Costa Rica Postcards    (released in Feb. 1997    plus 12 in Dec. 1998    and an additional 12 cards in Aug. of 1999 for a total of 78 COLLECTIBLE NUMBERED postcards. 15 years of research. We are thankful to still be furthering our travels throughout this wonderful country enjoying adventures, beaches, birds, big cats, butterfliesdiving, iguanas,  jungles, monkeys, rainforests, sunsets, volcanos, waters,  wildlife and people. We are delighted to offer this collection of Costa Rica Postcards which are also the world's 1st REVERSIBLE POSTCARDS in COSTA RICA.
The *TORONTO POSTCARD CLUB* is The Largest Postcard Collector's Club in Canada. The annual show draws thousands of all ages. Each of the 6 years (1991-96) as official sponsors we donated the event postcard for this Postcard (Collectible) Show event. As a part of our sponsorship we were graciously granted the opportunity to be exhibiting our postcards and art works at the entrance where people paid their admission; were able to purchase the event postcard. In our last year as sponsors LAURENCE CHERNIAK designed the postcard that represented the 15th anniversary of the show. It was a simple design of all the previous cards.
TURKS and CAICOS. In 1994 a visit to the Turks and Caicos Islands brought LAURENCE CHERNIAK to more of the feelings that we all feel with regard to Freedom. These islands were ideal for a line of postcards. There was a very small selection available. There are a few dozen islands in Turks and Caicos and they have some very nice people living there. Obviously this leads to a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere with an appreciation of life which can be enjoyed by all age groups. A wonderful place to spend your time.
The fascination of people and their habits in this world provides us with a constant school of interesting behavioural traits and instincts, which are diversified as well as complex. It is constantly amusing to be able to travel through the world and meet people who appreciate such values. It has been a most wonderful and rewarding privilege to collect and archive some of these most captivating, precious moments in people's lives when they shared their intimate secrets. I shall always value and cherish their right to allow me to record methods of survival in ways that display the many aspects of the human specie's riturals. The postcards in this series, which relates to promoting my Photojournalistic Great Books Trilogies starts here.
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