Testimonials re: LAURENCE CHERNIAK (added to the internet February 2006, Six testimonials to a page).

These testimonials are primarily for the sake of artists. Accumulating declarations of your worth and your works, will support you through cloudy times. Tributes to you, will help you know, you can still enjoy life when times are tough. Having affirmations and sharing them is a rewarding hobby, as you mature in years, and/to find yourself again with nothing but memories. By sharing everything, including your testimonials, with tenderness, is a special way to feel you have overcome the adversity of raw chaos and the sad jealousies of other forms of existence.

This wall of testimonials has and will continue to be built, as much as possible, in chronological order. It will be edited (from time to time) to maintain a valiant effort of putting the occasion of each testimonial's birth, in order, as they come to our attention while going through wherever they crop up from, to be brought forward into the light.


CAPTAIN ADOLPHO FERRER LUTZOW and I were introduced through the wonderful heart of

Don RAOUL, during the1970s, was one of the most influential people in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. I will never forget the gracious courtesies he extended to me, my 1st wife DIANA MARJORIE CHERNIAK and my children OSIRIS ARI deLAURENCE CHERNIAK and AURORA-SUNRISE CHERNIAK.

We often luxuriated in his palatial home adjacent to the famous trees, on the boulevard, where the migration of the Monarch Butterflies end their long flight each year.

Don RAOUL introduced me to many things about Mexico and its history. He helped me to accomplish things that catapulted my career and hobby as a photojournalist to levels that most people are lucky to dream of. In fact whenever I had a dream to do something in Mexico, especially in the state of OAXACA, I could always turn to Don RAOUL. He made sure, every time, that the success of my endeavors would always come true. Don RAOUL, like so many people that I have known and been able to respect, was a true lover of what artists do..."Give people hope".

The first of these testigos (testimonials), came in 1978, from CAPTAIN ADOLPHO FERRER LUTZOW. It gives me permission to take photos and write stories while travelling throughout any of the places in Mexico where marijuana and other illicit operations were being conducted . CAPTAIN ADOLPHO's letter helped me to pursue photography as a craft more than any other incident, up to that point in my life..."for the purpose of continuing their scientific studies that brings realizations to many Nations of the world, and which are published in the magazine HIGH TIMES, where the Senor Laurence is a correspondent."

First is CAPTAIN ADOLPHO's Spanish version with an English translation directly below.

With almost every testimonial a caption will rest beneath of each of these images.

CAPTAIN ADOLPHO FERRER LUTZOW: also arranged for me to go flying in the private small engine planes that the policia rented to spot grow operations from the air.

CAPTAIN ADOLPHO FERRER LUTZOW was a wonderful person who enjoyed making several appointments for me to meet so many people and record any set of circumstances I wished.

Don RAOUL arranged for me to meet the world renowned MARIA SABINA, whose family made famous the Magic Mushrooms of Oaxaca. GORDON WASSON, who pioneered research in psychotropic mushrooms, learned their secret from her when he visited and took the Mushrooms in 1955. After that, he took the spores to ALBERT HOFFMAN, who identified one of its components, psilocin. HOFFMAN gained world attention for his discovery of LSD (1943). For complete details on MARIA SABINA and the Magic Mushrooms see Book V (5) of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH - subtitled RESEARCHING THE PLEASURES OF THE HIGH SOCIETY by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

SENOR Don RAOUL FERNANDEZ: is someone that I will forever be indebted to. He was so wonderful every time we met and thanks to his kind love and influence I arranged for me to be escorted by his people, to meet, more than once, with one of the most the legendary ladies of all time. La "Bruja de los hongos" "MARIA SABINA".

This above letter was given to me, as a great surprise, by CAPTAIN ADOLFO. I never had asked for anything like this but to ensure the safety and my little family and myself it was a honor to have it with me while traveling through possible areas where mercenaries were plying their trade.
JOHN MERGLER: Deepest thanks and graciousness to John Mergler who so kindly had me exhibit my paintings at the Faywood Art Centre. Special thanks also to Myron Winnick, (my favorite Uncle Leo's son) for introducing me to Mr. Mergler. May they each have all their wishes come true.

PETER CALDWELL: This letter was one of the first of several that was, one day, to bring a new meaning to "Dreams Coming True". The higher concept is "Wildest Dreams Coming True" which only happens when it happens by a surprise chance of luck...in this case it was not only having one of my paintings used to visually launch the first ever event of it's kind "The Inaugural Toronto Arts Week"...

...however when that evening had 6 people who are artistic for their abilities as French Canadian Mimes to be dressed like the two mimes in the painting whose use I had donated to the Toronto Art Awards Foundation was a reality that I did not expect.

I am eternally gratefully to my old friend and author THOMAS HENDRY for inspiring me to participate in such activities and letting him take a copy of my painting to the Toronto Arts Awards Foundation's Executive Council meeting which unanimously decided that the painting "My Honey and Me" should be used to visually launch the 1st Annual Toronto Art Week. Thank you Sir THOMAS HENDRY.

THE ART SERVICES AGENCY INC: Above is a Press Release that served to inform the media and the public of so many wonderful events that I was fortunate to have happen in my life.

BARBARA VIVASH: The (IODE) IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE DAUGHTERS OF THE EMPIRE. are a group of wonderful ladies who support a wide variety of people from all walks. They encouraged me to keep in touch with them. I did so on a regular basis, as the years went by. Previously they kindly granted me a bursary to attend The NATIONAL THEATRE SCHOOL OF CANADA. From NTS (in 1967) I went directly to the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Stratford, Ontario, to be on stage as an actor, performing in Richard III and Antony and Cleopatra.

During the next twenty years I kept in touch with the ladies of the IODE. They were always happy to hear of my accomplishments. It was fun to be in touch with them again during the months leading up to the Toronto Arts Awards Foundation's Art Week Festivities.

In 1987 we talked several times on the phone and then they had me come to one of their meetings during which they had decided to honor me again with purchasing two reproductions of my paintings for the IODE Children's Hospital.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear ladies from THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE DAUGHTERS OF THE EMPIRE.
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