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These testimonials are primarily for the sake of artists (and other people as well) to know, that accumulating confirmations of your works, will help you enjoy life when times are tough: can become a most worthwhile hobby.

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WALTER KORNELSON:  ...helped refresh my experience in choosing paper for the printing and publishing purposes that were used at The Art Services Agency Inc.(TASA) from 1987 through to 1996. During 1989 Graphic Papers had special events during some months for people who purchased large amounts of paper.

This one occasion we were invited to a day of playing golf. As a gesture of appreciation TASA Inc. had glass mugs made with the GRAPHIC PAPERS logo on them for all the people who were being honored that day. It was a fun thing to do. People had them as another way for a conversation piece.

COLLEEN VOLPEL: Absolutely nothing has given me more satisfaction and taught me what love is, than giving time to inspire those who would like to experience awakening the spirit of their soul. When we help our young children, to be in touch with that inner part of themselves, at an early age, to do something that many of them, at first glance, feel is difficult (painting that first rainbow); knowing they can do that, inspires them for the rest of their lives. I am more thankful, when I see this, than anything else that I have lived for.
HOWARD B. BORLACK: Going to a summer camp for most people is a lot of fun. Donating the above invitation and the RSVP cards was a pleasure to give in return for the times that I had enjoyed during those summer weeks in the norther parts of Ontario. It was in a red canoe like the one above that I also enjoyed going on camping trips. At night sitting around a campfire is one of the greatest thing anyone can do. Long live the spirit of camping.
On that night, when I saw, in the lobby, the above REUNION '90 SPONSORS sheet my sentiments were exactly what the reunion committee had expressed in their letter of September. 24, 1990. To have my name at the top of the list I..."was overwhelmed by their generous recognition would be an understatement". Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to show my gratitude.
ART LUPINACCI: Art met with us when we were producting the Show Guide for the MacWorld Expo in 1992 which was a fantastic experience. His friendship and support are much appreciated and it was a please to do a wonderful job for him and Apple Computers.
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