Testimonials re: LAURENCE CHERNIAK (added to the internet February 2006, Six testimonials to a page).

These testimonials are primarily for the sake of artists (and other people as well) to know, that accumulating confirmations of your works, will help you enjoy life when times are tough; can become a most worthwhile hobby.

This page is basically completed and no longer under construction although there are other images that will be added in time:

The images of the testimonials are here. The value of the their contents is self explanatory however....



MARTIN MAGDER: Martin was funny from the moment he walked in the door. With my own background doing comedy on and off stage we got along over during the several years that he had TASA Inc. do his art work and produce his business cards, postcards and other promotional cards that he would give away.

BARBARA EDWARDS: Barbara came by our studios a few times both when we were down at the bottom of  Toronto's Bathurst Street and at the Roselawn Avenue studio. Her above letter with so many kind comments was a pleasure to receive just as she was always refreshing to speak to on the phone during each of the phone calls that we had sharing our experiences in life.
HELEN ROSTOKER and CARALEE WISEMAN: Helen and Caralee were great to write this letter. We really enjoyed
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