The Great Books of HASHISH: Books 1, 2 and 3
Hashish & Marijuana Postcards

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No. 2 of 4 pages each page showing 6 postcards from THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH.

All photos, text, book design and graphics by The world's most famous, respected, photo jounalist of Hashish and Researching the Pleasures of the HIGH SOCIETY.

KATMANDU: View from a roof top in Katmandu displays "A Gift From The Gods" with the King's Clock Tower in the background. This tower is also featured on the Cover of Book One of The Great Books of Hashish 1st Trilogy, Volume ONE, Book ONE. This image is on the cover of Book 3 in this Series as well as on the cover of the 1996 Cannabis Calendar.

This postcard represents the beginning of promoting the GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH, Volume 1, Book 3. (Subtitled "Researching The Pleasures of the High Society") with over 1,500 color photo featuring Marijuana and Hashish in 33 countries, Every state in the USA, Part 2 of Eating and Drinking Cannabis, Smuggling Techniques and Microscopic Explorations. A rare collection of never seen before informative and educational images traditional with this amazing culture.


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The Great Books of Hashish Book.3

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One of the most important historical books of all time.

Jamaican Chalice Rituals. American visitor in Jamaica becoming adept at the Chalice Smoking Ceremony. Cloaning around with friends is always a welcome way to spend some time. This photo first appeared in Book Two of the Great Books of Hashish (Subtitled "Researching The Pleasures of the High Society").
A typical field in Baalbek Valley shows the commercial magnitude of mechanized agriculture. This tractor load contains two tons. See Books 1 and 2 of the Great Books of Hashish for more on Lebanese Hashish and Marijuana. This image also appears in the 1996 Cannabis Calendar of photos taken from The Great Books of Hashish.
This postcard was created for the purpose of Introducing Book Three of The Great Books of Hashish (Researching the Pleasures of the High Society) which contains over 2,000 photos in the three books. The categories include Micrscopic Explorations, Smuggling Techniques, Eating and Drinking Cannabis, a wide variety of digestibles and a rare collection of never seen before informative and educational photos traditional with this amazing culture.
People make the wackiest things from Marijuana. These bottles of Hi Brew Beer are just a few of the commodities that originally came from the edge of the world in California. the prototype label for Hi Brew Beer was first producted in the mid 1970's. The label on the back of this postcard is a newer generation. It was first produced as a postcard in Germany in 1995 and distributed worldwide in the Cannabis Calendar of 1996. From the Great Books of Hashish, Volume One: Book Two.
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We are delighted to offer the world's The GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH Number 3

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