"The Hemp Culture Playing Cards"

All Photos, Art Work and Text by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

Designing the EIGHTs and other upper numbers of THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS were focused on using photos from THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. (1st trilogy). Photos (never shown before) are introduced in these EIGHTS and will be in future books of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. trilogies.

The EIGHT of DIAMONDS: Was inspired by a kewl Sagittarian, artist Jerry McAdam. Jerry had a photo of himself posing behind pot leaves. His eyes, only showing through the leaves had a mischievous effect and after all these years of fondly remembering that photo we have finally replicated his great idea (in the 1960's). Photo taken in Canada, in memory of Jerry which has nothing to do with the 10 insects that can be found on the leaves.

The EIGHT of SPADES: Nepal photo taken after a great day of hash pressing. Bhuddist Lion's Dorje Dagger, Nepalese Silver Bracelet and the Tibetan Prayer Chimes, were all readily available and is thanks to Kali Sunar of Kathmandu, a very dear and special friend.

The EIGHT of HEARTS: The title page in Volume I, Book 2 of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. trilogies. Fig. 2.ix. 4. A two-foot flowering top in the Himalayas, with Langtang Himal Mountain. Photo is in our TOP 50 MOST PUBLISHED PHOTOS category. First published in the Centerfold of HIGHTIMES Magazine in 1978. Shown here on the playing card as it appeared on the Cover of the Marijuana Date Book for 1980 by And/Or Press, Cover of the 1983 HIGHTIMES Calendar. Lately in 2000 AD, on the Cover of "Growing Extraordinary Marijuana" by Adam Gottlieb (to name a few of the dozens of times of its use).

The EIGHT of CLUBS: Photo is thanks to our Rif friend near Ketama, Morocco. One of the largest hydraulic hashish presses ever. With 50 kilos of Moroccan hashish resin in the foreground; an impressionable image on Pg. 1.1.30 of the second edition of Volume I, Book 1 of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. Not in the THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS. New in THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS.

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