"The Hemp Culture Playing Cards"

All Photos, Art Work and Text by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

The TWOs in THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS were created driectly after the ACEs. Most, of these playing cards were designed in sequence. Occasional some cards were designed out of order otherwise we started with the ACES and pretty much carried on consecutively.

TWO of CLUBS: Originally published as the 7th page of the Nepalese chapter "HAPPY HIMALAYAN HASHISH HARVEST" in Volume. I, Book 1 of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. Page 86. Also is in our top 50 MOST PUBLISHED PHOTOS category including being on the front cover of HIGHLIFE Magazine (in Nederland), January 1999.

TWO of DIAMONDS: was inspired during our wonderful times in Costa Rica. The plentiful Morpho butterflies are entrancing creatures to behold flitting along. It was a real treat to capture the image of two Morphos alighting on the top of this marijuana plant.

TWO of SPADES: photo is the 3rd of 3 photos which appears on Page 1 of Volume I, Book 2 of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. (Announcing a Preview) to Volume I, Book 3 of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. entitled (Microscopic Photographs) and captioned as follows. Figure 2.1.1 Single unseeded flower pod showing variation of cystolithic trichomes and resin at 40x, Figure 2.1.2 Closer view at 80x, Figure 2.1.3 Zooming in to 200x which is seen on this TWO of SPADES.

TWO of HEARTS: Originally published on the front cover of HIGHLIFE Magazine (German edition), February 1999. Representing mischievous Mardi Gras fun at harvest time, dressing up in a mask and wearing a big smile.

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