Two's through Nine's"

All Photos, Art Work and Text, 2nd edition of


ABOVE: The TWO's to the NINE's on the 2 page spread of THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS as displayed in Volume I: Book III of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH, pages 3:232/233.

Each of our two distinctive editions....THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and
THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS were conceived, with the intent of creating another
non-threatening cosmopolitan hemp oriented product.

Our goal is to have an influential, light-hearted, presence in the worldwide community which is steadily evolving in its movement towards the ultimate..."The re-legalization, recognition and acceptance of this miraculous plant which has more "viable and vital" uses than any other plant on Earth."

Our long standing, permanently, well recorded, history of unveiling the shroud of MYTHS and MYSTERY about the Marijuana, Hashish, Hemp and Cannabis Culture is again replenished in these two decks of unique playing cards. We thankfully manifest our past record, with this invitation to you. Come enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Welcome to another way to relish in the pastime of one of the world's most recreational diversions....having fun with, a couple more distinctive, decks of playing cards.


We are responsible for creating the

The Hemp Culture Playing Cards

Our creative zone has formal business marketing goals. This is a journey making awareness strategies, visible through design.

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We are delighted to offer the world's 1st HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS
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