Another first by LAURENCE CHERNIAK (This page started on April 10, 2006).

Each of the over 125 uniquely designed letters, so far in this collection, represents a different MARIJUANA ART FONT. If you would love to use any of these MARIJUANA ART FONTS for your company name or loge etc., on the internet or in other forms, then...LAURENCE CHERNIAK will supply you with that MARIJUANA FONT ART WORK AT NO COST TO YOU.
This FREE offer is good for up to 1,000 people
.and their business who would love to use these
LAURENCE CHERNIAK MARIJUANA ART FONTS on the internet etc. (Already 3 done).

DEAR GUEST: this page is very, very new but can already be useful to you since it is extra big so you can really see, the beautiful details in these Cannabis; Marijuana, Hemp Art Fonts.

Dear Visitor, This page is barely started construction but for people who are net savvy it is useful. If you are seeing this, know that every very now and then I have been able to do something for free that has grand ramifications and how delighted I am to have made this opportunity for myself. Send me an email with the text that you would like. You do not have to wait for these Marijuana Art Fonts to have their number and/or name of the font (coming soon). .LAURENCE CHERNIAK will create it and send it to you for no charge, especially if you are really excited about having one of these fonts or an assortment of them to post, your name or business, on your web-site. It took a long time to develop this many MARIJUANA ART FONTS. Putting the pages on this web site will not take as long. I am sure you can work through describing which one you would like while this wall is being assembled.

In return we require that the name of LAURENCE CHERNIAK is prominently displayed on each web site page where you  will have the MARIJUANA ART FONTS displaying your name or business. Proudly join us to create this wave of FREE MARIJUANA LEAF ART around the world. This is the kind of thing that we need to have happen in extreme degrees so that the symbols of Marijuana Leafs for FREEDOM is never prohibited again like it was in the 1980's when the US Government arrested and confiscated all the merchandise in people's stores and businesses. Things like that sill happen so we must never forget that tyrannical behavior. These MARIJUANA ART FONTS. will create a symbol for conversations, for you, when you display these art works on your stationery or other advertising material. If you would like this help, good.
All that is written here is Version 1. There is more of a need for this to be available than for all the words to be spelt correctly or the grammar to be right. You be having this support is primary. I wish I had been able to provide this to everyone sooner. It has taken years to build up the material to do something like this. It sure feels good, seeing it getting off the ground now, and more with each spirit who reads this and uses it for their requirements. Anything, on this page, that is not yet complete will be as soon as possible. Doing this amongst the other things I love to do is very time consuming but when you love what you are doing it goes (along and forward) happily.  Since this page is in such a rough state, if you are inclined to send me an e-mail with suggestions that would be great. On the 1st image below there are at least 50 different Fonts. Our comments on some of the pages say over 125 but it already grown closer to 200. You can also request yours be a font family you can send along to me. There is probably no end to the flexibility that we can both manifest together ensuring that you have, the kind of representation you would love, with the use of MARIJUANA ART FONTS like these or on the other pages that have just this weekend started to be on the net.
Here is a loving opportunity for you to express your individuality. There are enough different design aspects for you to use your imagination and inspire yourself and LAURENCE CHERNIAK so that you can have something represent you that no one, anywhere else is the world, will have exactly the same look unless you and your friends wish it so. This is because there is already over a 125 of these MARIJUANA ART FONTS created from the over 70,000 leaves that LAURENCE CHERNIAK has designed and created during the last 6 years, that's like having a college degree in Marijuana Art Leaf Design?(LOL) So now you can have the benefit of them thanks to your own inspiration. We are using 125, as an absolute minimum, because now that there is such an amount we are confident this truly qualifies as a body of work. More are being added, pretty much daily, since it has become a real hobby and even in a few minutes (almost daily) more fun comes out of this project with over 40 categories of leaves to be listed here soon. Examples = Xmas, Love, Halloween, Leather and other events leaves.
THE AGE OF AQUARIUS IS STILL IN ITS INFANCY. HOWEVER IT IS NOT AN INFANT ANY LONGER. IT IS A LIVE CHILD AND NEEDS OUR NOURTURING. Like so many songs have sung, LET US ALL COME TOGETHER, RIGHT NOW, LETS LOVE ONE ANOTHER RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW. If we do that then things will continue to change. With a wave of us using these MARIJUANA ART FONT LEAVES as one of our symbols, logo or icon we shall continue our winning ways. Persevere in awakeness, Persevere in awareness and then "We don't get fooled again".

...on this page, which is hidden away from most of the rest of the world (not by any choice of mine but simply because this website has over 5,000 pages) I can quietly offer you great thanks for coming by and helping me to share with you a way to make yours and mine artistic aspirations pervasive throughout the world. If you would love to use some of the letters that you see here, then you sure can, for anything on a personal level. Business opportunities that will generate an income from the sales of items with these fonts or leaves are expected to pay a royalty etc. If you have a project that you would like to do a partnership with me about these art works, let me know.

It's become natural for LAURENCE CHERNIAK to be the first at so many things because he already has done that so many times it is natural for him. Another example comes out of what you are reading right now.

There is no one in the world, on the plateaus that LAURENCE CHERNIAK is on, regarding  sharing their talents, to offer, at least, up to 1,000 people on the internet a FREE CONVENIENCE like this.

Ultimately this can be taken by you dear Visitor to be understood as meaning the plateau  that LAURENCE CHERNIAK is on; (is big and wide) there is lots of room for as many people who would like to join in. Come on aboard any way you can...and one of the easiest way you can, is to either pick one of these MARIJUANA ART FONTS TO REPRESENT YOURSELF OR YOUR CLIENTS OR FRIENDS or ANYONE YOU WOULD LIKE TO GIVE A GIFT TO etc.

As mentioned there is absolutely no one in the world offering so many so much for FREE. All you have to do, is do it, if you are in any way inclined. Like to make a splash? Here is a chance and it will not cost you a penny.

If I can help you to express yourself as an individual then we understand each other. Thank you for being open to these thoughts being helpful, to you, to have a voice that you feel is an expression of yourself. Everyone needs to be able to freely develop their own personality. If I can help you, with us being, (at this point) strangers, then I know I did something, for people, in a special way. If everyone had something, like this, of themselves that they could be generous with and give away, for free, to anyone who asked, like I am doing with this, then for sure our world will be a better place. Thank you for reading this.

If you would like to go further with these fonts that just have LAURENCE CHERNIAK give you a free gift for your use, please read on.

If you would like to purchase a font set, of any particular design(s) then we can really go to town for you by producing it for you on a custom basis (for which you will have to write to us). UNTIL YOU WRITE TO US, FOR YOUR OWN SPECIAL FONT SET, FOR NOW, THEY ARE ONLY FREE. Prices for this service will be posted, on these pages down the road.

Each FONT Set can be customized to your wishes since there are several key strokes that some people never use. You do not have to order from the following keyboard strokes that you can see here. ~!@#$%^&*()_+`12345567890-=ab…æ÷≥≤µ˜∫√ç≈Ω. Fonts are available in the following formats:


1. Plain
5. All MARIJUANA ART LEAF FONTS are 3D renderings
6. View from front
7. View from right
8. View from left.
(1 digital rotation to the left, right, top and bottom ) (increments of digital rotations are also available) of the 3D axis'.

More about (all this) to come in future days.

This beginning of another new wall of art work for which, one of the working titles is:The LAURENCE CHERNIAK Marijuana Art Fonts and Hot Pot Keyboard Symbols are able to be supplied to you, in pretty much any degree of the components of each FONT that you are familiar with on your computer's keyboard (and then some).

Each letter or symbol has been individually created. These are Works of Art and not done in batches. It is my wish that you have as much fun with them as I did creating them. On this date of April 10, 2006 it is with great humor that we unleash them on the world. More will be coming and if you would like information on obtaining your own custom made set(s) of MARIJUANA ART LEAF FONTS, just send us an

Each distinct letter you see on this page represents what that whole FONT SET looks like. VERY FEW displayed more than one character, so that you can see how it looks embedded on at least two letters of the alphabet.

More information and prices will be available about these

Other fun products follow below. Each are meant for your enjoyment and pleasure.
Below are Sample of full pages of these leaves.
PC & Mac
ISBN 1-896506-26-7
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ISBN 1-896506-28-3
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ISBN 1-896506-32-1
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ISBN 1-896506-34-8
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ISBN 1-896506-36-4
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ISBN 1-896506-38-0
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ISBN 1-896506-40-2
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ISBN 1-896506-42-9
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ISBN 1-896506-44-5
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ISBN 1-896506-24-0
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