" Midnight Leaves"

the 1st
"black light" great Marijuana leaves art poster, a huge 24 by 36 inches.
from the Great Zodiac Marijuana Leaf Clip Art, royalty free CDs collection:
(12 in the set) Absolutely beautiful marijuana leaf images, Marijuana graphics.
totally awesome!!! choices/decisions.
If you have been thinking of getting into black light or back into black light fun with marijuana images, here is the best possible reason to do so.

On the internet, this Marijuana Leaves Poster is the #1 unsed image as a background on more internet home pages and websites than all the other marijuana leaf pages in the world combined using Marijuana Leaves or Marijuana Leaf Art.

Click on image above Marijuana Art Leaves to return to lead in page of these Marijuana Clip Art CDs, featuring rich, natural and colorful leaves. These marijuana images have been an absolute delight to create and hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them.
Above is an example of what can be done with these Marijuana Art Leaves. If you are or are not a creative and artistic person, don't worry be happy, there are enough Marijuana Art Leaves in this collection that all you have to do is go browsing through them and you'll get inspired. You are sure to find a way to use these marijuana clip art leaves in any project that you would like to do. A lot of good or great ideas will come to you when you have these marijuana art leaves to play with. Above is a BLACK LIGHT POSTER and it is available as of August 20th, 2002. If you would like to inquire about it please send us an e-mail to:
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ISBN 1-896506-26-7
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ISBN 1-896506-28-3
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ISBN 1-896506-30-5
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ISBN 1-896506-32-1
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ISBN 1-896506-34-8
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ISBN 1-896506-36-4
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ISBN 1-896506-38-0
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ISBN 1-896506-40-2
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ISBN 1-896506-42-9
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ISBN 1-896506-44-5
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ISBN 1-896506-24-0
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ISBN 1-896506-22-4
12 CDs
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ISBN 1-896506-20-8
World's 1st Poster of these leaves 24 x 36 inches.
Below are Sample of full pages of these leaves.
NEW LeafCDsFullPage 13. NEW Pgs 13 - 24
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We are delighted to offer this GREAT SET of 12 CDS of MARIJUANA LEAF CLIP ART and THE WORLD'S FIRST BLACK LIGHT POSTER created with marijuana art leaves from these CDs.

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