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April 13, 2006 - TWO NEW LAURENCE CHERNIAK Products
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This ZODIAC set contains over 5,000 files. Leaves are presented in various ways including those you see here with no backgrounds. Some are treated with distortions, perspectives, skews, affected with textures, applied to backgrounds and clustered in groups. Most areindividual files while others have leaves embedded into themselves etc. There is enough natural and designer leaves to make it the world's single, largest collection of clip art marijuana, hemp leaves that could ever be put into reality and yet never kept all in one place, at the same time, in your head. Watch out for the ones that are a foot big :-)
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ISBN 1-896506-26-7
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ISBN 1-896506-28-3
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ISBN 1-896506-30-5
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ISBN 1-896506-32-1
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ISBN 1-896506-34-8
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ISBN 1-896506-22-4
12 CDs
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ISBN 1-896506-20-8
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World's 1st Poster of these leaves 24 x 36 inches
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Organic Plant Wash.

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US World News and World Report being prepared for Monday February 11, 2002.
Quote of the Day

“Cannabis Sativa is perhaps America’s most recognizable and controversial plant. It’s distinctive nine-part leaf has been a counterculture symbol for decades, and its buds and leaves - the source of marijuana - still account for the biggest chunk of the federal government’s war on drugs.” 2002-02-11 US: The Munchies Crackdown.
Most Famous Leaf in the USA symbolizes marijuana.

To commemorate this important news, LAURENCE CHERNIAK, the world’s most famous hashish and pot photographer, presents a Marijuana, Cannabis, Hemp Leaf Collection. Over 5,000 mostly high-res color photos/images. A collection of 12 ZODIAC CDs of hundreds of different ways that the pot leaf expresses itself.

This CD takes away the shroud of darkness that has hidden the activities of this leaf for centuries. Now everyone may see some of the many transformations this amazing plant is able to accomplish in its covert activities.

There are several interesting facts to be warned about, regarding this elusive leaf, which must be made more noticeable and must be brought to the forefront of the public’s attention. This must be done in an every day simple way (of life), if we are going to do anything about respecting this most reasonable outrageous proclamation.
Photographic Clip-Art Collection of only Marijuana, Cannabis and Hemp leaves.
12 CD-ROM Discs Choose from any of these high-quality collections for $24.95 each

Or all 12 bought together discounted to US $220, = $18. 33 save over 25%. Each CD filled with at least 650 Megs. 500 Stunning ROYALTY FREE Color Photographs (Images) on each CD-ROM disc, for use in your own original multimedia presentations, advertising, and much more. Each file has been prepared in any of (but not limited to) the following formats (EPS, JPEG, TIFF, PICT and PDS files. totalling at leat 500 files on each CD.

Leaves of every color in the rainbow. Pot leaves from over 30 countries around the world. Fascinating sequences includes 1 bladed leaves to 13 bladed leaves. Leaves of many different sizes. Textures never seen before. Designer pot leaves. You’ll see marijuana, cannabis and hemp leaves on these CDs like you have never seen them before and just won’t be-leaf.

Perfect for desktop publishing, Internet displays and more. Choose from any of these high-quality collections for just $24.95. or $299.40, (if you purchase one a time) for all twelve ZODIAC CDs in this Marijuana, Cannabis, Hemp Leaf Collection, more than 5,000 files, most are high-res color photos/images. Purchase all 12 together and receive the entire set discounted to US $220, = $18. 33 save over 25%.

System Requirements: Windows and Mactintosh compatible. All ROYALTY FREE.
For more info or wholesale purchases please contact me vai mailto:leon@cherniak.com

These great new CDs were available at our webpages

the same day that US World News, World Report was released on February 11th 2002. Nice coincidental or what?

Enjoy and Peace to all.


We are delighted to offer the above GREAT SET of 12 CDS of MARIJUANA LEAF CLIP ART.

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