”Here is nothing but fun stuff, that people have said about... LAURENCE CHERNIAK”
Part 1 posted on the internet - April Fools 2004.

1. The ANSEL ADAMS of drug photography.
2. The NEIL ARMSTRONG of cannabis activism.
4. The MICHAELANGELO of published and printed materials on the level of GQ.
5. The RONALD MACDONALD of magazines with his photos on their covers.
6. The CALVIN KLEIN of products with Marijauna leaves.
creating the world's largest collection of over 80,000 CANNABIS, HEMP, MARIJUANA, HASHISH, GANJA, CHARAS, SATIVA, and INDICA POT leaves.

Yes, just LAURENCE being himself. Close friends who know him, call him "plain laurence".
Others who do not know him but may have heard of him refer to him as "Mythical Laurence".

LAURENCE CHERNIAK is a Counter Culture Hero - The Neil Armstrong of Pot activists, one of the world's earliest modern day Hemp Pioneers, starting in the early 1960's. By the mid 1960's his accomplishments as an artistic activist began to extend around the Earth, when he was the first to register a corporation under the name THE HEAD SHOP LIMITED. He quickly became known in many underground circles supplying every paraphernalia dealer, in the world, with his original designs of memorable, now collectible, cigarette papers, produced via his flagship THE HEAD SHOP LIMITED. In the 1970's LAURENCE CHERNIAK's photos started appearing on the cover and in the center-folds of HIGH TIMES Magazine as well as in dozens of other literary works and films. During that period, his world-wide reputation as an artistic activist accelerated in velocity when he began to show his incredible photographic volumes - THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH.

During those days, books on cannabis could still be counted on the fingers of less than half a hand. The appearance in 1979 of
THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH was a mind-waking, earth-shaking, ground-breaking publishing event. For the decade previous to that publishers had been trying to supply the yawning gap in the cannabis book market with a multitude of volumes designed to entertain, inform or just fill space on your bookshelves. THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH, however, was different. It was a volume of a new order. No one had ever taken photographs of high quality hashish with such obvious loving care. Indeed, no one had taken photographs of any hashish until LAURENCE CHERNIAK happened along.

LAURENCE CHERNIAK is the kind of person that truly does things as a labor of love. His books on hashish are by an enthusiast for enthusiasts. Never before had the world read such informed and lovingly written text or encountered such a glorification of the beauties of cannabis resin. It is truly astonishing to join CHERNIAK on his travels through Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, Afghanistan and Nepal. Through his books the world of hashish-makers and making was miraculously revealed for the first time ever. This, as anyone can see from the extensively captioned photographs that accompanied the main text, was the real thing. His writings are in an easy-going, relaxed pleasant style; the main text is packed with information. CHERNIAK’s introductions are just that, a summary of the detailed information -- in word and picture -- to be found within, that focuses the mind and prepares the eye for what is to follow. And then, with camera in hand, we are off on LAURENCE’s magic carpet. The 1st three books in this series shows over 2,000 color photos in 33 countries.

LAURENCE CHERNIAK's bio as an artistic activist is overwhelming. The son of Ben Dronkers, the founder of SensiSeeds, (both are close to Mr. CHERNIAK), Alan says. "Since LAURENCE has come back on the scene several years ago, keeping up with him is like riding in a Mercedes Benz on the German Autobahns in overdrive." Visit which to date contains less than 5%
of what he has to put there. There you will see a few dozen sites of his thousands of web pages which will double by the end of 2008.,2,3.html

Cigarette Papers designed in the mid 1960's when LAURENCE had THE HEAD SHOP LIMITED, a name that thousands have since used.

The highest selling issue of HIGHTIMES Magazine, Cover and Centerfold by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

The CANNABIS CULTURE Playing Cards and HEMP CULTURE Playing Cards. When Marc Emery, one LAURENCE’s fans, first saw the CANNABIS CULTURE words on the tuck box of The CANNABIS CULTURE Playing Cards Mr. Emery immediately changed the name of his magazine from CANNABIS CANADA Magazine to CANNABIS CULTURE Magazine. “CC” hasn’t looked back since.

The beginning of the world's largest collection of Marijuana Leaf Clip Art, Royalty Free for non commercial purposes. Currently contains over 25,000 leaves from one bladed to thirteen bladed leaves all designed by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

World's first Marijuana Leaf Black Light Day-Glo Poster by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

MAKING HASHISH Video: The name says it all. The video shows it all. Featuring selected photos and text by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.


The beginning of the world's defiant Marijuana Leaf, Hemp Pot Leaf Stickers by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

The new 2003 series of FREEDOM RIDER COMIX.(Front Cover) Stories Written and Illustrated by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

The new 2003 series of FREEDOM RIDER COMIX. Features FAT FREDDY in “ADVENTURES THROUGH THE LEAVES”, (Front and Back Cover in a 25 by 35 inch size commemorative and collectible poster) Art work by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

Activist poetry entitled 'I LOVE AMERICA" dedicated to TODD McCORMICK by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

The 1st Zodiac set of leaves contains over 5,000 files. Leaves are presented in various ways including those you will see with no backgrounds @ click here Some are treated with distortions, perspectives, skews, some affected with textures, applied to backgrounds and clustered in groups. Most are individual files while others have leaves embedded into themselves etc. There is enough natural and designer leaves to make it the world's single, largest collection of clip art marijuana, hemp leaves that could ever be put into reality and yet never kept all in one place, at the same time, in your head. Watch out for the ones that are a foot big :-). The 1st set of Zodiac Leaves? Does that mean there will be more sets?....of course.

Below are Sample of full pages of these leaves.
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12 CDs
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