"The Hemp Culture Playing Cards"

All Photos, Art Work, Text and Poem by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

For Lovers of High Times a poem Entitled:

"High Times Before and In The Midnight Sun"
a poem by

In faith, come all ye that crave to be merry,
Cast away all thoughts of where thou shouldst ought to be,
For in these rhymes, there dwells, a tune to rejoice by.
One only must let ope' their eyes to see, 'tis as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Then follows the Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Joking Tokers,
Surpassed only by we, who hold the Aces in our hands.
For thus begins our song and games of having fun,
Whiling the night away till dawn's sepulcher rises and comes.
After that time perhaps, all we may have left to reflect upon is?
That all of our coins appear to be vanished or gone astray
Or laughingly, in our pockets come, a home, with us to stay.
Be they coins of gold or coins of flesh, we who know,
love them each no less.

With smiles we bid thee share these moments
Of costumes, masks and hair, like, when combed
Changes our looks from glances to entrancing vistas
In each other eyes. There, we find the snare that brings us together.
O' raise a glass and roll a doob, for time is a passing, precious souls.
With each moment, taken for ourselves, to play a game of wildncrazy cards is no crime.
Let us reflect on these loving times and move along before those
Who feign a cry, rock't the boat and send the rest of us to fly
From that wishful early dawn's light, that lovers petition each other by,
To meet again, resolved to hold our hands in prayer and swear
That nothing will come between our souls for the rest of time.
Such were the words, that my lady, said to me, dear friends.
Thus, do I depart these epistles, to all you who share the tenderness in adhering to our lovers,
While ever drawing nearer to closing this life, may all your fears be long gone.

Now, Ladies and Gents, come sit by the fire and tell us stories of your life,
Of all your glories; when you were having fun a' night,
Playing in a game of chance with this wildncrazy deck of cards
Within which only you and she could win more
Than the highest score; that brought smiles as they did before,
To then hold warm your embraces while caressing each one, the other's
Faces, that changed in the light of the flames a-flickering
Whilst you came to sit or lay by the hearth and played with these wildncrazy cards,
Upon a rug before the warming place known as firedom.
There is wherein the flames danced through our minds and bodies
Whilst repeating dreams of love and future days together.
Dear souls, let us be happy; leave behind those that soak in sorrow.
For sure as dawn comes and brings a new tomorrow
We all return to ashes, as do the coals that glow then fade, within the hearth.
Revel in that you have made it with the one you love and healed away
Each other's woes with cuddles and snuggles before you fall away into deep sleep and rest.

Our PROLOGUE asks of you, dear friend and reader, that you allow your imagination to fly with the freedom of seeing yourself as the creator of THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS. Take upon yourself one of the greatest thrills of a life time. Envision yourself faced with the idea that it is you who has the celestial inspiration in designing such a deck of playing cards with an abundance of material, the likes of which, no one else has or has ever seen before.

OUR PROLOGUE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS symbolizes the preservation of the highest degree of freedom. The origin from which most of these photos come is the 1st trilogy of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH.

In the first year of THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS, two editions were produced. They haven't looked back since. THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS have served well in laying the foundation to the release of Volume 1: Book 3 of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH.

Each front of THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS were devised, with the aim of inventing another outrageous, strictly fun, non-threatening, international, hemp oriented product.

The backs of THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS had to be very symbolic. It was essential to design a truly unique back to this product which highly compliments the 1st trilogy of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH.

During the many months (actually several years) of the birthing of these decks of playing cards there several guiding artistic angels. Our resolve perpetually inspired concocting these incredible decks of playing cards that would be appreciated by people who loved to delve into their own HIGH TIMES.

Our challenge and goal was to add another lighthearted, influential presence to the worldwide community. Society has been steadily evolving in this movement towards the ultimate...."the re-legalization, recognition and acceptance of this miraculous plant which has more "viable and vital" uses than any other other plant on Earth."

The unique, long standing, permanent history, recorded in 1st trilogy of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. i.e. removing the shroud of MYTHS and MYSTERIES surrounding the Marijuana, Hashish, Hemp and Cannabis Culture is also embedded in this product. We are again grateful to present a harvest of our efforts that brings people's attention in contact with things that they have never seen before, strictly to revel in fun, which is informative, educational and entertaining.

We hope you enjoy playing with THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS, as much as we enjoyed our time traveling, photographing, imaging, creating, designing and producing them.

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We are delighted to offer the world's 1st HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS first released  in 1997 as the CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS.
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