"The Hemp Culture Playing Cards"

All Photos, Art Work and Text by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

Designing the NINEs and other upper numbers of THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS were focused on using photos from THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. (1st trilogy). Photos (never shown before) are introduced in these NINES and will be in future books of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. trilogies.

The NINE of SPADES: Photo is in our TOP 50 MOST PUBLISHED PHOTOS category. First published in LAURENCE CHERNIAK's CANNABIS CALENDAR 1996, as a postcard in 1995 and now in both editions of the THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS and THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS. It features Afghani Hashish Sticks beautifully crafted and displayed on Afghanistan's famous warm socks.

The NINE of HEARTS: Volume I, Book 2 of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. trilogies. Is a compilation of aspects from the Cannabis Cup in Holland where the majority of these playing cards were designed. When looked at closely it is full of Dutch elements and rightly so as the world's leader in pioneering marijuana technology.

The NINE of DIAMONDS: Photo taken in Canada. This card is also in our TOP 50 MOST PUBLISHED PHOTOS category. You can see it on page 68, in issue #39 of Cannabis Culture Magazine being used to solicit people to subscribe to the magazine. Wonderful idea of Patty Metropoulos, Art Director of the CCM. When it comes to cool advertising gotta hand it to Patty who put the following text with it. Get on the pot! phat buds! fresh news! grow info! pot puzzles! Don't get caught with your pants down! Subscribe today to all the poop on pot delivered right to your door six times a year. plus get fabulous bonus prizes! We're not just farting around! Magazines are sent in discreet plain packaging.

The NINE of CLUBS: Volume I, Book 1 of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. Tatoos, pot and Harley Davidson are a combination that many would say naturally go together. Here we see an arm full of toos surrounding a great pot leaf tattood on the arm of the author of these playing cards. As Chuck Berry would say, "Long Live Rock and Roll" Note the marijuana leaf ring tatooed on the left hand on the handle grip of the unseen bike. Greg and Dee had their marriage fingers done on their wedding anniversary in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

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