The Hemp Culture Playing Cards"

All Photos, Art Work and Text by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

Designing the J/TOKERs started off with the JOKER/TOKERS being Dr. Timothy Leary and Dennis Peron in THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS. In THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS since there was an extra card available instead of the usual 54 card deck with two jokers our THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS were printed 55 up (11 rows wide by 5 cards wide and we were able to join in as the 3rd J/TOKER.

Most people who have cards produced don't usually know that all the cards are printed on one big sheet and they are rarely informed of same by the printer. It often comes as a surprise to learn that usually 55 cards are available on these big sheets, until close to the last minute. Most people who have playing cards custom made, the first time, often simply throw the extra card away, others with more foresight print rules or games their customers can play or something about their company or whatever. Of course with our bountiful photos no problem finding a use for the 55 card to possibly come from the THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH's. (1st trilogy).

The J/TOKERs: TOKER #1: front and center Dr. Timothy Leary who has written the Prelude to Volume I, Book 2 of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH.

The J/TOKERs: TOKER #2: Our good friend during the last 30 years Dennis Peron has long been a staunch Joker/Toker and anyone from San Francisco can testify to that. One of our earliest encouters with Dennis was during the launching of Volume I, Book 2 of THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH. Dennis was kind enough to arrange a book signing at one of the local book stores in San Francisco. It was a merry event

The J/TOKERs: TOKER #3: This is a new J/Toker and was not in THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS. By the time this second edition of the cards came to be we were enjoying their being received by the public, to the point where we knew it was a winner.

The J/TOKERs: in this category, within these cards, have the most noticeable differences from their original look in THE CANNABIS CULTURE PLAYING CARDS to their evolution in the THE HEMP CULTURE PLAYING CARDS.

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