The Great Books of HASHISH: Books 1, 2 and 3
Tooo TaLL Stories
" (Part 1)

About this trilogy of books and LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

This beautiful book III, has received the same recognition that catapulted the first two books in this trilogy to instantaneous fame, rare book and collectible status.

Each of the books in this trilogy are simply essential, for anyone who is determined to acquire the most irrefutable reference material, (collectible pictorial and reading facts). All three books are the most extensively detailed photographic and textual research on the world's finest hashish and marijuana plants.

Every author, on this subject, has come to refer to LAURENCE CHERNIAK. in the index of their books. Since the 1970s LAURENCE CHERNIAK's photos have been featured in hundreds of books like THE PSYCHEDELICS ENCYCLOPEDIA, by Peter Stafford, The HIGH TIMES ENCYCLOPEDIA, HIGH CULTURE by William Novak as well as, in hundreds of issues of various magazines including HIGH TIMES, HIGHLIFE, WEED WORLD and HANFBLATT etc., through to and including the book, HASHISH, brought out in 1997 by Robert Connell Clarke who refers to THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH and LAURENCE CHERNIAK, over a dozen times. In fact he refers to LAURENCE CHERNIAK's works more than any other source from where he accummulated material. HIGH TIMES Magazine has featured his photos since 1978 which featured a gorgeous Nepalese Centerfold.

These three books illustrate more about the global ganja scene than any others! No other publisher is able to make this claim on behalf of any of their authors.

Nobody, like LAURENCE CHERNIAK, has traced, with photography, the world of hashish. Within these 3 books we travel into ancient times, up through the ages, to an insightful look at its modern history. He has been the most responsible for visually sharing the truths that lay behind the myths with his stream of unending photos. In fact before the first book in this series there was virtually no impressive collection of photos on this subject existing anywhere in the world. That scenario still holds true.

He has lovingly recorded with these photographs, historical activities and rituals, in the remotest parts of the world, before the encroachment of modern civilization has forever changed what we otherwise would never have seen. Accompanying these photos are his manuscripts. which come across in clear, simple and understandable terms. He also shares with us, microscopically just what are the ingredients that go into making the worlds finest hashish. Laurence, more than anyone, has made it clear that the essential part of the plant that is used for these pyschoactive purposes is Resin (see pages 3::xii to 3:xv) and should not, in accurate terms be addressed as pollen or crystals.

Apparently his trilogy is amongst the most revered and enshrined media in history. It has long been, too many times, that the owners of these books, including several universities libraries, have been victimized by having their copies Suddenly Gone Missing and been in touch for replacement copies.

Have to love the DEA story about the time they sent us back one of their copies which due to a bindery error had a few blank pages. ;o-) That copy is a collectible. They had sent it back to us, signed receipt requested and for it to be replaced, so that it could be used for instruction, was scribbled, most briefly in a note on a sheet from one of their memo pads.

Fact is, this wave of, Suddenly Gone Missing, energy has never subsided during the first 25 years since that famous first book, in this trilogy appeared. The Suddenly Gone Missing, practice has increased, to the point, where now it seems several good friends have lost each other over these books. Just goes to show, how contrary the chaos of the universe really is. History has consistently been smashed by setting new records, the number of times these books have destroyed friendships and Suddenly Gone Missing.

He skillfully shares the most advanced and accessible information available on growing indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. Techniques include Making Cutting (Clones: for harvesting a Sea of Green), Multiple Harvests. All Female Seeds, CO2 enrichment, Propelling the flowering Process in Outdoors, Indoors and in Greenhouses, Double budding and Hydroponics. Every serious grower or user and dealer should read this book.


MOROCCO, LEBANON, AFGHANISTAN, THE HIMALAYAS - Over 275 full color photos. The beginning of a trilogy that takes you to forbidden realms and shows you what few have seen before. The chapters and photos are one epic pictorial journey after another through the worldwide fellowship of hashish and marijuana. Superb Photos, Exotic Hashish Lands and Cultures, Smoking Methods, Improving Potency. These books are the ultimate photo-journalistic celebration of cannabis in print. They are the decisive study which demystifies and clarifies the world of hashish. The exquisite color photos, the flavor of tales around the campfire and the wealth of first hand info makes this the ultimate photo journalistic and ethnobotanical celebration in print. Some of what you will see and/or learn: Preventing and Eliminating mold; Evaluating grades of quality; Smoking methods of Hashish and Marijuana. A priceless reference.



Over 550 full color photographs from around the world. Breathtaking pictures accompanied by congenial prose. Valuable information on the sources of cannabis and hashish, Marijuana Around the World Part 1, Collecting and Processing Secrets, Immense Hashish/Marijuana Farms and Gardens. Hand and Machine Pressing, Preventing and Eliminating Mould, Improving Potency, Surviving on the Hashish Trail, Valuating Grades of Quality, Folklore, Intriguing Portraits of the Peoples, Zany Stories about Wild Eyed Assassins and the Crusaders, Sinsemilla, Production in the USA, Growing, Fertilizers, Controlling Unwanted Insects, Seed Reproduction, Vegetative Reproduction of Marijuana for making Hashish, Cannabis and Cosmic Consciousness, Opium: The Black Harvest.....No Coffee Table should be without a copy. Covers Hash making in every detail and its history around the world.



This 3rd huge exciting, book with 256 pages contains over 1,500 photos of glorious color - is almost two times the size of Book One! Marijuana Around the World Part 2. Photographs in over 30 countries and all 50 states in the USA. Chapters include Smuggling in a Couple Ki’s (Marijuana as well as Hashish), Recipes for Eating, Drinking, and even a Cannabis Feast! Anatomy of Cannabis, The Cannabis Culture Playing Cards, The Hemp Culture Playing Cards, Legendary Famous Photos, The author and HIGHT TIMES, CHERNIAK products including the documentary video "MAKING HASH", Microscopic explorations of buds, flowers (female and male, Glandular and non-Glandular TRICHOMES, calyxes, resin and a never before seen, microscopic part of the plant named the "CHERNIAK OCCURANCE". Fabulous!!!

LAURENCE CHERNIAK, is responsible for this splendid, graphic, historic, documentary trilogy rightly entitled, THE GREAT BOOKS OF HASHISH, Books 1, 2 and 3, (Cannabis, Marijuana and Hemp) subtitled “Researching The Pleasures of High Society”. A wonderful selection of the world's finest Hashish in thousands of lavish color pictures. We hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as we did taking them.

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We are delighted to offer this trilogy "The Great Books of HASHISH Bks 1, 2 and 3".
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