Presents the 2nd part of our assault to covering the world with thousands of marijuana, ganja, pot, cannabis, charas, hemp- leaf stickers and posters.

"HEMP LEAF Store - Window Marijuana STICKER"
his Store - Window Sticker is FREE for all stores.

If your store has a solid client base these 8 by 8 inch Store-Window stickers will definitely encourage people to tell you they love you and your store. A Store-Window sticker like this demands people's attention. People will applaud you for displaying it. If your store does not already have a good client base, conversations about this Store-Window sticker will help you build one.

Marijuana Stickers with 20 in a Pack: Suggested Retail US$3.00
Marijuana Stickers with 50 in a Pack: Sugg. Retail US$ 6.00
save = $1.50
Marijuana Stickers with 100 in a Pack: Sugg. Retail US$11.00 save = $4.00
Marijuana Stickers with 500 in a Pack: Sugg. Retail US$50.00 save = $25.00
Marijuana Stickers with 1000 in a Pack: Sugg. Retail US$95.00 save = $55.00

GREAT, for anytime You Are Feeling DEFIANT!



These stickers are great for expressing our defiance against the outrageous laws which prohibit marijuana or the thousands of uses for hemp.

You will love using them in all kinds of places which is one of the things that we need to do - make sure that marijuana, ganja, pot, cannabis, charas, and hemp leaves have a world wide presence.

These leaves fit nicely (hidden) in the palm of your hand and can be discreetly stuck on all kinds of things or in all kinds of places that people will not even notice them, especially since they are not just the usual ordinary 5 bladed pot leaf.

There are all kinds of them in this collection. Unless you know that pot leaves comes in various combination of numbers of blades - several of the 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 bladed leaves do not look like pot leaves to the uninformed or even most cops.

There are also odd number 3, 5, 7 and 9 bladed leaves that do not look like pot leaves.

Many of us know that marijuana leaves have so many variations and mutations. Only those of us who really know and love this plant would recognize what some of these stickers are displaying; especially the ones with different colors and textures.

Of courese there are several that are indeed very noticeable, happy, green leaves, as well, so that some of them really stand out and stand up for what we need them to represent.

It is the shape that matters and this is what we need to plaster all over the world.

The sticker paper that these leaves were printed on was manufactured by Avery Dennison who assured us that these would be removable stickers. Once it left on a while we are not so sure it is removable.

The only negative aspect to these stickers is that I am sorry I did not create them a long, long time ago.

Below are the first 100 stickers. Further below is how they are packaged in plastic envelopes with 20 stickers.

My wish is that you have as much fun with them as I did creating them.

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All other International Orders $22.50 includes shipping and handling
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