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FOR SALE "HISTORY in the Making, Can be Yours"

Dear Well Esteemed Client, We invite you to purchase this (only one of its kind) Cannabis Set of Dishes.

This collectible set of hemp leaf dishes contains 150 pieces including several styles of glasses, ash trays and candle holders. Each leaf was placed, where you see them, by the hands of LAURENCE CHERNIAK, the artist, historian and visionary who created these leaves. If you would love to be a part of these dish's history, we would like you to be aware of these (click here) options that will be more than a dream; only if you like, will this, more than a dream, come true.

The first part of the dream is now a reality in the dishes being available. What happens to them in the future, historically can depend entirely on the client who purchases this very special 1st set of Marijuana Leaf dishes, glasses and extras.

Dear Well Esteemed Sponsors, We invite you to promote your Eating & Drinking comestibles in this book. (info be here soon)

"The Great Books of Cooking with CANNABIS & HASHISH" (Vol.1, Bk 1.) will have all the foods and drinks served on the marijuana dishes & in the glasses you see on these pages.

" The Great Books of Cooking with CANNABIS & HASHISH" (Vol. 1, Bk1.)   is the world's only book that displayswhat is in the food, is also on the dishes, glasses, mugs and jars etc. (i.e.) having cannabis in the comestibles. There will never be anything just like this book with accompanying DVD ever again.

If you have a great comestible that you feel should be used while we are cooking and recording our recipes for this project, which is sure to be a "literary masterpiece" and "milestone in history" please contact us, at your earliest convenience, to work with us.

Three (3) times, cannabis feasts, with these dishes, to generate material for the promotion of the dishes and " The Great Books of Cooking with CANNABIS & HASHISH" (Vol. 1, Bk 1.) that have been celebrated in Europe, twice in Nederland and once Germany. A dinner party, when you are dining with this set will never be boring. There are plates of several sizes of plates and bowls for various uses like, serving, soup, sauces, dressings, salads, entrees, deserts, cafes and more. Above are two of the large serving plates with a third plate, on top (in the foreground) whichis displaying approximately 6 ounces of resin. The collection of recipes that are included will catapult its users into outer space.
Preparing a double length table for the 3rd cannabis feast on these dishes. There are enough dishes and glasses in this magnificent set to serve, at least 12 people. The leaves are permanently fixed through the use of a kiln.
...but first, let us show you some photos that sparkles the imagination.
Above: are three sizes of drinking glasses 6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz  as well as wine glasses and champagne glasses. Two Candles holders and two storm ashtrays (which are nice if you are partying outdoors and the occsasional gusts of wind come up). At the bottom right you can also see an opaque serving glass unit which has four concaves and can be used for sauces, hor' duerves, nuts, condiments etc.
Above: One of the large serving plate with the 6 ounces of resin in the foreground. Behind is the opaque serving glass unit which has four concaves filled with a lovely salad of sprouts de soya bean and fruits. The sieve (with the resin in it) sitting on the glass cover goes with the opaque serving glass unit with the four concaves.
Above: Showing the ornateness of the plates. Each group of the same size plate or dish or bowl is decorated with the same pattern of leaves. In this photo you can also see two of the styles of wine glasses. On the plate with a sample of the resin from the above photos are several other samples of resin from different places on the earth.
Below: Photo sequence of preparing resin to be put into the recipes.
Above: Picking up a first piece of loose resin. Above: Opening up to check consistency of the resin chunk.
Clockwise: 3 photos: (a) Top Left Above: (a) Starting to rub the resin through the seive. (b) Breaking up the original piece of rssin more so that it will more easily go through the seive. (c) Below Left Above:  Some of the resin left in the seive and some still left on the opaque glass cover  of the opaque serving glass unit with the four concaves.
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