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omes with at least 25 FREE GIFTS designed, created and produced by LAURENCE CHERNIAK = Minimum Value $50.00.

...and what else is free here, about the New Marijuana Art Leaves, especially for artists? Click on these lines and you will soon see what I will do for you, especially (if you are an artist) for absolutely nothing...not one penny...even if you are not an artist.

A NEW invention: Collect your first batch of resin within 10 minutes! Price US $325.00
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Link #9. Every Purchase has $50.00 of Free Gifts from SHAKEDOWN STREET and LAURENCE CHERNIAK.
Link: #10 More about Free LAURENCE CHERNIAK memorabilia and See our New Marijuana Art Fonts.


Following are some of the items that are amongst the FREE GIFTS from SHAKEDOWN STREET and LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

1. (at least 5 different original CHERNIAK cigarette papers,
2. A signed full color page (8.5 x 11 inch)(v
ery suitable for framing) from Volume 1 Book 3 of The Great Books of  Hashish by LAURENCE CHERNIAK.
3. Great Books of  Hashish Postcards from the Great Books of HASHISH postcards collection.
4. A package of Pot Leaf Stickers designed & created by LAURENCE CHERNIAK from an ever growing collection of over $70,000 unique hemp leaves.
5. Greeting Cards of LAURENCE CHERNIAK's paintings with Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms,
6. Gift Card of LAURENCE CHERNIAK's painting A View from the Deep.
7. Cannabis Culture Playing and Trading Cards most of which were designed in Nederland while being at the HIGHTIMES Cannabis Cup,
8. LAURENCE CHERNIAK Reefer Gladness Magnets,
9. Issue #2 FAT FREDDY COMIC Story and Illustrations by LAURENCE CHERNIAK
10. One of 3 different black and white photographs (8.5 inches by 11 inches) signed by the LAURENCE CHERNIAK.

1. The $50 of LAURENCE CHERNIAK Free Memorabilia, that comes  in each Bubbleator Washing Machine, is for nothing else but pure fun.

2. This beginning of another new wall of art work for which the working title is:The LAURENCE CHERNIAK Marijuana Art Fonts and Hot Pot Keyboard Symbols which are able to be supplied to you, in pretty much any degree of the components of each FONT that you are familiar with on your computer's keyboard and then some.

Each FONT Set can be customized to your wishes since there are several key strokes that some people never use. You do not have to order from the following keyboard strokes that you can see here. ~!@#$%^&*()_+`12345567890-=ab…æ÷≥≤µ˜∫√ç≈Ω. Fonts are available in bold and italics as well as 3 Dimension views from the left, right bottom and top, ( in combinations) of those axis' as well.

Each letter or symbol has been individually created. These are Works of Art and not done in batches. It is my wish that you have as much fun with them as I did creating them. On this date of April 1st, 2006 it is with great humor that we unleash them on the world. More will be coming and if you would like information on obtaining your own custom made set(s) of MARIJUANA ART LEAF FONTS, just send us an emailto:webmaster@cherniak.com

Each distinct letter you see on this page represents what that whole FONT SET looks like. VERY FEW show more than one character, so that you can see how it looks embedded on at least two letters of the alphabet. More informatioin and prices will be available about these Marijuana Art Fonts soon.

At the bottom of this page are links which can and will inspire anyone, to being more informed, educated and entertained, thanks to this wonderful new product.

The New LAURENCE CHERNIAK SWEET BUBBLEATOR provides you with the freedom to see, Microscopically, amongst the resin particles that you will be able to extract from nature, (look below on this page for just a few examples what we have seen thanks to microscopic viewings and of course our ability to now share with you photographically, thanks to this wondeful machine. Enjoy! For more detailed microscopic explanations see The Great Books of Hashish by LC.

Below also is the style of Certificate each new owner will recieve with the LAURENCE CHERNIAK SWEET BUBBLEATOR. If you did not have one of these Certificates when you purchased or otherwise received your machine then you have been ripped off...please drop us  line with proof of purchase and we'll send one, of these Certificates off to you.

Being able to view so many intricate details by using modern technolgy, like this Sweet Bubbleator opens new frontiers for our imagination to explore. There are no limitations anymore, as to our abilites, to see any thing we are curious about, on molecular levels. This opens the doors to degrees of information the likes of which our ancestors could barely fathom or dream of. We can also carefully analyze what we see, categorize it and apply the benefits to our good use. On this page are some of the kinds of photos that lead to amazing views for future memories that will last a life time about encompassing things that no one had ever seen before or even thought to look at. The walls are coming down and once again we are reminded of our early, first moments as a species on the shores of this new planet when we lifted ourselves out of the primordial swamps from which all living things came.
200x magnifcation of trichomes
200x magnifcation of trichomes
80x magnifcation of trichomes
Above: 3 photos = 200x, 400x and 600x magnifcation of trichomes showing the dark cyst of lith (stone), an impurity which causes the gland to coat it with resin.
Left: 200x magnifcation of trichomes clustered together from being pressed.
Right: 200x magnifcation a glandular cystolithic trichome standing out from a group of resin trichomes that have been harvested, for this photo thanks to bubbleator process.
Other fun products follow below. Each are meant for your enjoyment and pleasure.
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ISBN 1-896506-26-7
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ISBN 1-896506-40-2
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ISBN 1-896506-42-9
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ISBN 1-896506-44-5
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ISBN 1-896506-24-0
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ISBN 1-896506-22-4
12 CDs
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ISBN 1-896506-20-8
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